Dec 31, 2018

South Korea Travel Video

Finally after a year, I am done with my South Korea trip travel video. It was difficult for me to finish this one because I had a hard time finding a good song. Of course, I want a Kpop song but also a song from my favorite Kpop artist, Super Junior. However, I think there is no suitable song from Super Junior that would fit a travel video so I broaden my picking with collaborations. Then I remembered, yes! The SEOUL song with SNSD should be perfect! It's fun, upbeat, and obviously talking about how nice it is to be in Seoul. Having only few clips (due to how cold it was so we only visited few spots) was also making it hard for me to edit. Editing took me two overnights.

So here's my video. Enjoy!!

Nov 24, 2018

Kind of Otaku

So I was watching the anime "Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku" and it was relatable in the sense that I consider myself an otaku and an office worker too. What got me reminded while watching the anime though is there are different kinds of otaku and it doesn't mean that if you're an otaku that you share the same interest with other otakus. Wikipedia describes otaku as "typically used to refer to a fan of anime/manga but can also refer to Japanese video games or Japanese culture in general". In Wotakoi, the four main characters are all otakus but with different focus of interests. Nifuji is a gamer otaku, Momose is an anime/manga otaku, Koyanagi is a cosplay otaku, and Kabakura is a little-bit-of-everything-trying-to-be-moderate otaku. I would categorize myself as an anime otaku with manga and cosplay as my sidelines. Although I may have played a couple games in the past, I don't consider myself a gamer otaku. Sometimes people think I am gamer because of my interests but apparently I am not. I spend a lot of my time with my computer but I seldom use it for gaming.

This is like a kind of a reminder to me that yes I am an otaku but my interests only focuses on anime, manga, and cosplay. If you're an otaku, what kind of otaku are you? :)

Oct 31, 2018

Esther for Halloween

It has been my dream to dress up as Esther from the movie "The Orphan" for Halloween. However, due to how busy I am now, I always forget and I only remember when Halloween is fast approaching and I couldn't prepare. I figured that maybe I can just combine some clothes I have in my closet and finally do the Esther plan. Also, my hair length is the right length to do Esther's hair. With just one night for me to prepare, I have come up my own Esther look:

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I'll probably do a more accurate Esther next time. For now, I'm contented with the choker and the hammer. Happy Halloween!!

Sep 15, 2018

My Bleach Live-Action Movie Review

I want to make a short review of Bleach live-action movie for the reason that I surprisingly enjoyed the movie.

Before I watched the movie, I already prepared myself to be disappointed, apparently because I was very disappointed with Full Metal Alchemist live-action movie. Lo and behold, I was amazed of how good the live-action movie was! I felt like I was watching the anime but with actual people as the characters. For someone who was an avid fan of the Bleach anime, I am confident to say that this live-action was a success like they did in Rurouni Kenshin. Speaking of Rurouni Kenshin, the producer seems to be same for both movies no wonder Bleach was well-made. The story of Bleach live-action was almost exactly the same as the first arc, the Agent of the Shinigami arc. Kudos to Sota Fukushi who acted as Ichigo; he absolutely gave justice to Ichigo's character. Only thing I’m disappointed maybe was Rukia’s hair but it didn't really matter because Hana Sugisaki was totally in character too. Everything else were almost on point!

I couldn't believe I enjoyed this live-action! Hoping for a sequel with my favorite captain Hitsugaya. For those Bleach fans out there that has not seen the Bleach live-action movie, watch it now and you will not be disappointed. Support the film by watching it on Netflix. :)

Aug 31, 2018

Intramuros and Tagaytay

I had to make most out of my Manila trip during Super Show 7 because I paid regular plane tickets so I decided to come along with my new ELFriends in Intramuros and Tagaytay.

I didn't like our Intramuros experience and the reason was we got scammed. Please be careful when you get near the entrance of Intramuros and some pedicab drivers will offer you P100 for Intramuros tour and at the end of the tour, they will show you the sign again which is P100 but with the small "per 30 minutes" next to it. Like, why would they not tell us the "per 30 minutes"? Because it's a scam. This is one of the reasons why I really don't like Manila. Scammers are everywhere in the city. So lesson learned, be vigilant always especially if the offer is too good to be true. This is charge to my experience. Anyway, so much of the scam story and let me share to you some of my Intramuros photos:

Next, we decided to go to Tagaytay and booked for Sky Ranch amusement park. I enjoyed this trip especially since there is a beautiful view of Taal Volcano which I only saw in books and phostcards before. So here are some of my photos in Tagaytay:

Overall, it was still a fun trip despite the scamming incident. Until my next random trip adventure! ;)

Jul 31, 2018

OPM Love with IV of Spades

Recently, I got hooked to one of the best breakthrough OPM artists this year, IV of Spades. I've heard of them and saw photos but wasn't able to hear any of their songs before and my impression was maybe they're one of these young "jeje" artists because of how they dress up. I was totally wrong. I saw one of their performances in ASAP together with Yeng Constantino and I got to say, "Mundo" the song they performed was really good. I also heard the song on Spotify and it was so good on the ears. I forgot to check the song again but when my sister came to visit one day and played their Wish 107.5 performance of the song, I was reminded of how really good the song was. Also, my sister told me the main vocalist just left and I was like "Really? Why would he do that? I mean, they just started to gain popularity." Surprisingly, the new lead vocals is their bassist so I checked some performances where the bassist was the vocals and he sounded good or I should say better! This is just my personal opinion though but I do think the bassist's singing voice is better.

guitarist Blaster, drummer Badjao, and bassist Zild of IV of Spades

IV of Spades is heavily influenced by the 70's music and fashion. When I first heard of "Hey Barbara" and "Where Are You, My Disco?" I couldn't believe these great songs were written by Filipino artists. Truly, this band looks promising and I was upset that the lead vocals left but I know the three remaining members will do well. Two of the members, bassist Zild and guitarist Blaster are winners of Eat Bulaga's Music Hero so no wonder the members' talents awesomely reflect the band's good music.

Thank you IV of Spades for letting me appreciate OPM again. Thank you for the awesome songs and keep up the good music. More power to you and hoping to see you perform live soon! :)

Jul 12, 2018

My SS7 Manila Journey

It was never part of my plan to watch Super Show 7 in Manila because I already watched Super Show 7 in Seoul last December 2017 but seeing I have some friends who are attending, I got tempted to watch the Manila stop. I'd say it was more because of my friends than the show itself that made me decide to attend the show.

During the ticketing day, I met with my new found ELFriends who welcomed me to join them on our stay in Manila. Most of us got the same tickets and section, although I was on a different row. It is a refreshing feeling and fun to meet new friends especially if you share the same interest.

The day before the concert came and I met some of my new ELFriends in the airport for our flight to Manila. We wanted to be part of team airport since Super Junior members were arriving like 30 minutes earlier than our arrival in NAIA. My ELFriends were suppose to arrive 15 minutes earlier than me but their flight got delayed and I arrived earlier than them so I waited for them in the airport and we missed our team airport plan.

Concert day finally came and we are already very excited. Me and my ELFriends wore our Super Junior shirts, ready our flower crowns and official lightsticks, and put our best make ups.

with my new ELFriends

my SS7 Manila getup

We arrived at the venue to collect some free banners and to met other ELFs, especially the other ELFs in Cebu. The line to enter the concert venue was really long, it kind of made me nervous as we might enter late but thank God we made it inside MOA Arena for like 15 minute before the show. The concert started with Super Junior's 'Song For You' playing with ELFs singing along, as what they did in Seoul. Then the next thing that happened was one of my favorite event of the night: the surprise wireless synchronization color change of the official lightsticks!! I didn’t expect it because nothing was announced about it. My seatmates thought the lightsticks were not working when it turned off automatically when the show started and I had to explain to them that the lightsticks are being controlled. As far as I can remember in Seoul, the congoers need to register their lightstick and their concert tickets for the lightstick synchronization but in Manila, we didn't do anything and the lightstick synchronization just happened automatically. Extremely happy to experience it at last since I was unable to experience it in Seoul because lightsticks got sold out. The boys that night were absolutely extra handsome. Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Yesung debuted their new hairstyles on this SS7 stop. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach who is a famous ELF was on the show and I'm glad she was there to support the boys. Heechul seems to be crazily super hyped the entire show and always mentioning Pacquiao whose family was there in the show as well. It gave the ELFs a really good laugh. Eunhyuk imitating Sandara Park's "mahal ko kayo" phrase and matching wave was priceless. I bet Sandara thought him while they were together in Switzerland for a variety show. But really, for me, the best Tagalog phrase was from Shindong who said "Ako ang inyong lodi." which means "I am your idol." See, the 'lodi' is just the reverse of 'idol' which is a trend in the Philippines, i.e., reversing the letters of words. Leeteuk's Phileeteuk joke was definitely a dad joke lol, I'm not sure if I should laugh or what. The sweetest message was from Yesung who said "Mahal nyo ba ako? Mas mahal ko kayo." which means "Do you love me? I love you more.". Donghae seems to like our spot as he usually pass by our area on the right which I'm thankful for since last SS7 Seoul, he was usually at left side and I forgot about it when I bought the tickets. Heechul's drums during Sorry, Sorry was pure awesomeness.

During Super Junior's "Too Late" perfromance

I took fancams as much as I could with my old digicam and my phone which I realized, I should have just used my phone because it had better quality and Mr. Bouncer could have not warned me with my digicam. Oh well, I'm just thankful the bouncer incident happened when the concert was almost done or it could have ruined my mood. The concert was short as it was just around 2 hours plus. I wanted more! They omitted a lot of songs from their kick-off concert in Seoul so I'm grateful I get to see the Seoul stop.

After the concert, I met with co-ELFs in Cebu and we reminisce some of the best moments of the show and took photos together. We never had dinner before the concert due to excitement so we had late dinner.

concert aftermath with ELFs in Cebu

I also had a reunion with my super duper Ever Lasting Friends from SS4 Singapore which made me extremely happy!

with my super duper ELFriends from SS4 Singapore!

Overall, this experience is definitely one for the books. I'm super happy I decided to attend the Manila stop. Until my next Super Show! 😘