Nov 13, 2017

One More Chance With Super Junior

Recently, my most favorite K-Pop artist, Super Junior, made a comeback. I checked their new songs and then I am captivated by them again. I've been outdated with their activities for the past three years as I was kind of distracted back then. The last album I purchased from them was "This is Love" so I plan to buy the rest of the albums that I missed. Back to their new songs, my most favorite in their new album PLAY is "One More Chance" composed by member Donghae. This song speaks a lot of the longing feelings for someone dear. In Super Junior's case, this is like a song to their fans asking them not to leave and to give them a chance to prove that they are still here for them after two years in hiatus. I absolutely love the Instagram-worthy music video of the song.

Even though my bias Kyuhyun is inactive due to mandatory military service, I still love hearing their songs and I have made Donghae as my temporary bias lol. My second bias is Sungmin however he is inactive as well due to some DC-crap community fanbase in South Korea boycotting him for not handling his marriage announcement well with fans. C'mon guys, it's been like three years since the guy got married! Move on already and he still deserves to be in the group. Anyway, I hope Sungmin will rejoin the group soon. Kangin is well, I can't defend him. He made several mistakes so I'm okay that he's not active. In fact, when I became an ELF, Kangin wasn't there and I feel like it was the best line up, with ten boys. I still hope though that all these SuJu controversies will end soon and all members can happily get back together someday.

I realized that I still love Super Junior after being a fan since 2010. They still make me happy and I really wish for the success of their comeback. Even though they are in their 30's now, they are still able to pull off some good moves (check Black Suit video below). There are different and new artists who performs with them now, I am proud of them that after 12 years, they are still here and I will continue to support them even though I am getting older as a fan as well. haha. Once an ELF, always an ELF. Super Junior fighting! ELF fighting!

Oct 30, 2017

Bittersweet Lolita at ARCHCon 2017

I'm back again for ARCHCon this year and decided to wear another Lolita dress that is in my closet. This time, I chose a black and white pattern dress which when I checked online, is also referred to as Bittersweet Lolita style.

I am very lucky to have a friend who I called on the same day to be my photographer. I enjoyed the event despite me hanging around outside the venue more than the inside since most of the cosplayers were staying outside anyway.

I always try to dress up Halloween-ish during ARCHCon because it is usually held at the last weekend of October. I remembered I wanted to cosplay as Esther from The Orphan this year but I totally forgot about it. Hopefully I will remember next year. And oh, it's my short hair debut! 😆

Anyway, here are some of my photos during the event:

I used my red Lolita shoes to have a touch of red to compliment the red rose on my hat and my red nails.

with the Pretty Guardian Sailor Soldiers

with Yuno Gasai cosplayer from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

with my favorite Fate servants, Saber and Gilgamesh
I felt like my anime figures just came to life!

I bumped into my co-judge during Otakufest 2014, Lyron, so I couldn't resist to take a photo with him!

My Halloween greetings! LOL
Bittersweet Lolita at your service.

Hopefully next time, I could find some time to cosplay a character. I missed doing a character's signature poses. Until my next hobby/anime convention! :)

Oct 11, 2017

Quick Escape in Balamban

This past Saturday, I went to Balamban Cebu with my college friends to have a quick escape from the bustling city of Cebu that I see everyday. The commute was quite easy; you just ride one of those V-hires bound for Balamban in Ayala Center Cebu terminal. The fare is a bit costly (P120 for an hour ride) but I understood why since the zigzag road to the town is not easy to drive. We planned to visit four spots in the area which are a walk away from each other; Florentino's Little Tagaytay of Cebu, Island in the Sky, Adventure Café, and Buwakan ni Alejandra.

We first dropped by Florentino's. The views here are definitely breathtaking. You can see the beautiful green mountains and afar is the blue sparkling sea. Here are some photos in Florentino's:

Next stop was Island in the Sky where we walked by a hanging bridge and rode the best cable car ever. 😂

Here are some photos:

Then we had our lunch in Adventure Café. Some of my friends did the zipline here. I didn't do the zipline since I've done it here years ago.

Last stop was Buwakan ni Alejandra (translates as Flower Garden of Alejandra) where I had fun taking photos of different flowers and made me forgot to take videos urgh.

Anyway, here are some of my photos in the flower garden:

Testing my bokeh skills with my DSLR <3

This was such a great day. The weather was perfect, no rain and not too hot. I recommend visiting Balamban as an alternative of escaping from city life even for just the day. Until my next random adventure! :)

Sep 26, 2017

Last Song

Recently, I did some catching up with ryo (supercell) -sama's songs. I just randomly decided to watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anime last week and I did hear that EGOIST was doing the opening song however I never attempted to listen to the full song last year. It was while watching the anime I realized the song was awesome. Why didn't I check this sooner? Gosh, I was too late to buy the first press limited edition of the single. Luckily, there are some limited editions left in Amazon Japan although I won't be able to have the complete limited set. I also tracked back on the other supercell/EGOIST/Tia singles that I missed for the past three years and one song really caught my attention. The title was "Last Song". It is an additional song for the single "Great Distance" with vocals by Chelly. When I heard the first line of the song, "I remember you", I immediately checked on the lyrics and found out it was sort of a sad song. The lyrics somehow convey part of my feelings from the past. Why do you do this to me ryo-sama?? ðŸ˜­

Anyway, I'd like to share to you the emotional song. I created a lyric video with Japanese/Romaji lyrics with English translations. Note that my lyric video is blocked in countries Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, United States due to copyright claims. Teehee 🙊

Indeed, I am reminded of the bittersweet feelings of the past and somehow I am also reminded of how much of a fan I am of ryo-sama's compositions. So I guess I'm back on my hobby of collecting ryo-sama's singles. Thank you ryo-sama for the wonderful songs you always make. :)

Sep 4, 2017

Taiwan Travel Video

I have finally created my own Taiwan travel video! It took me a while to find the song I was going to use the reason I was late with my travel video. One day, the image of F4, one of the biggest Taiwanese boybands ever, came to my mind and realized they have a couple of upbeat songs I can use for my Taiwan travel video. Then I decided to use F4's Mandarin version of Can't Help Falling in Love which was an OST for Lilo and Stitch movie as it was the most fitting. As soon as I found a copy of the song, I finished the travel video for less than two days!

So here's my travel video featuring Taiwan. Excuse my face and my editing skills. 😅

Aug 22, 2017

Japan Travel 2016 Video

Today, I am sharing a travel video with clips taken during my short vacation in Japan last year. I was actually done with my travel video months ago but I wanted to publish it on my sister's birthday because well, she was with me the entire trip and she can be seen like 90% of the video. 😃

I chose Owl City's Tokyo song featuring Sekai no Owari for obvious reasons lol. Anyway here it is:

Aug 5, 2017


It's been two weeks since Linkin Park's lead vocals, Chester Bennington, died of suicide. I just want to share what I posted the day I heard the news.


I am not okay today. I just want to share some thoughts. I've been a Linkin Park fan since Hybrid Theory. I bought all their studio CD albums. I was looking for stores to buy their latest one. I cannot count how many times I have listened to their songs on my playlist. I even went all the way to Manila last 2013 and bought the most expensive ticket to see them. Their changes in music writing have been received negatively by others but I didn't care. I was still a fan. I embraced and appreciated the changes. I'd say Linkin Park is my only beloved rock band and I hold them dear in my heart since high school. I want people around me to understand how heartbreaking the news is to me. The thought of never hearing new songs from them and not being able to see a concert of them scares me.
RIP Chester. I hope the rest of the band members, their families and friends, and the fans (including me) will stay strong.

One final note: If you feel someone is suicidal, no matter how subtle the signs are, never ignore and seek help.


Photo taken by me during Living Things World Tour in Manila last August 13, 2013.
I am heartbroken. Thank you Chester for sharing your talent to the world. You will be missed.