May 14, 2018

Bye For Now, Henry

As it was announced, Henry of Super Junior-M chose to not renew his contract with SM Entertainment. I'll be honest, I am sad. Sad because I will miss him with the Super Junior boys. I will miss seeing him in Super Shows. I will miss him being the English translator of Super Junior. I will miss his "Laudest" comments to Filipino ELF.

It was at Super Show 3 in Manila when I first saw you and your amazing talents. You were definitely one of the best things that happened to Super Junior and the Super Shows. I also saw some clips of you in the show "Real Men" when you helped rebuild houses for my fellow Filipinos who were affected by the typhoon Yolanda. I was touched on how sincere you were with the tasks and how friendly you were with the kids.

My photo of Henry from Super Show 3 Manila.
Now I realized why recently there were things that reminded me of you. When I attended Super Show 7 in Seoul, you weren't present and it broke my heart knowing that you and Zhoumi weren't performing in the concert as you both did in the past. I always look forward to your performances because undoubtedly, you are the most talented Super Junior member. I also saw a big banner of you in a Crocs store in my city and I even took a photo of it as I was ecstatic just seeing you in a banner.

But I know this is for the best. Henry, I know this is a decision you thought very well and I will still support you. I will always be proud that you are a part of Super Junior. I wish you all the best Henry. Fighting~!

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