Apr 14, 2018

Sunday Fun in Aloguinsan

My college friends and I planned another weekend getaway since there was another Monday holiday. This time, we chose to visit Aloguinsan, which is located east of Cebu, specifically Bojo River and Hermit's Cove. To get to our destination, we hired a van as there were 15 of us, including some friends of friend's so I got to meet new friends.

We first stopped by Farm House where we registered for our Bojo River cruise. We initially paid a downpayment for the reservation days ago and paid in full when we arrived, which I think was P600 in total. We were served with Filipino snacks upon arrival and we get to have a short tour at the Farm House.

Your typical Filipino snacks.

With the whole gang in the Farm House.

Then we made our way to Bojo River where we were greeted with necklaces made from seeds and flowers and a band singing a Bisaya song for us. How cool is that? I only have videos taken on this part so I'll be sure to put the videos together.

We were also served refreshments here, particularly buko juice in the nut adorned with a gumamela flower.

Before the river cruise, we were brief about the history of Bojo River and how the tourist spot helped the community as it was managed by the local government. After that, we got ready for the river cruise!

Here are some photos of us during the river cruise:

A sumptuous lunch was then served after our river cruise.

The next stop was Hermit's Cove. It is a beach resort in a secluded area in Aloguinsan. Getting there was kind of difficult as the roads are rough, steep, and narrow but the van driver seems to know how to drive around the area. There was an entrance fee but I'm not sure how much was it, I think it was 100 bucks.

I was amazed on how strong the waves are in the beach! Like I can't swim or stand against these waves so me and my friends were having fun going with the flow with the waves instead.

I really enjoyed this Sunday getaway. It was fun to do activities like this knowing you are off from work tomorrow so you'll have enough rest. 😅

Until my next fun adventure!

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