Nov 13, 2017

One More Chance With Super Junior

Recently, my most favorite K-Pop artist, Super Junior, made a comeback. I checked their new songs and then I am captivated by them again. I've been outdated with their activities for the past three years as I was kind of distracted back then. The last album I purchased from them was "This is Love" so I plan to buy the rest of the albums that I missed. Back to their new songs, my most favorite in their new album PLAY is "One More Chance" composed by member Donghae. This song speaks a lot of the longing feelings for someone dear. In Super Junior's case, this is like a song to their fans asking them not to leave and to give them a chance to prove that they are still here for them after two years in hiatus. I absolutely love the Instagram-worthy music video of the song.

Even though my bias Kyuhyun is inactive due to mandatory military service, I still love hearing their songs and I have made Donghae as my temporary bias lol. My second bias is Sungmin however he is inactive as well due to some DC-crap community fanbase in South Korea boycotting him for not handling his marriage announcement well with fans. C'mon guys, it's been like three years since the guy got married! Move on already and he still deserves to be in the group. Anyway, I hope Sungmin will rejoin the group soon. Kangin is well, I can't defend him. He made several mistakes so I'm okay that he's not active. In fact, when I became an ELF, Kangin wasn't there and I feel like it was the best line up, with ten boys. I still hope though that all these SuJu controversies will end soon and all members can happily get back together someday.

I realized that I still love Super Junior after being a fan since 2010. They still make me happy and I really wish for the success of their comeback. Even though they are in their 30's now, they are still able to pull off some good moves (check Black Suit video below). There are different and new artists who performs with them now, I am proud of them that after 12 years, they are still here and I will continue to support them even though I am getting older as a fan as well. haha. Once an ELF, always an ELF. Super Junior fighting! ELF fighting!

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