Sep 26, 2017

Last Song

Recently, I did some catching up with ryo (supercell) -sama's songs. I just randomly decided to watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anime last week and I did hear that EGOIST was doing the opening song however I never attempted to listen to the full song last year. It was while watching the anime I realized the song was awesome. Why didn't I check this sooner? Gosh, I was too late to buy the first press limited edition of the single. Luckily, there are some limited editions left in Amazon Japan although I won't be able to have the complete limited set. I also tracked back on the other supercell/EGOIST/Tia singles that I missed for the past three years and one song really caught my attention. The title was "Last Song". It is an additional song for the single "Great Distance" with vocals by Chelly. When I heard the first line of the song, "I remember you", I immediately checked on the lyrics and found out it was sort of a sad song. The lyrics somehow convey part of my feelings from the past. Why do you do this to me ryo-sama?? 😭

Anyway, I'd like to share to you the emotional song. I created a lyric video with Japanese/Romaji lyrics with English translations. Note that my lyric video is blocked in countries Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, United States due to copyright claims. Teehee 🙊

Indeed, I am reminded of the bittersweet feelings of the past and somehow I am also reminded of how much of a fan I am of ryo-sama's compositions. So I guess I'm back on my hobby of collecting ryo-sama's singles. Thank you ryo-sama for the wonderful songs you always make. :)

Sep 4, 2017

Taiwan Travel Video

I have finally created my own Taiwan travel video! It took me a while to find the song I was going to use the reason I was late with my travel video. One day, the image of F4, one of the biggest Taiwanese boybands ever, came to my mind and realized they have a couple of upbeat songs I can use for my Taiwan travel video. Then I decided to use F4's Mandarin version of Can't Help Falling in Love which was an OST for Lilo and Stitch movie as it was the most fitting. As soon as I found a copy of the song, I finished the travel video for less than two days!

So here's my travel video featuring Taiwan. Excuse my face and my editing skills. 😅