Aug 5, 2017


It's been two weeks since Linkin Park's lead vocals, Chester Bennington, died of suicide. I just want to share what I posted the day I heard the news.


I am not okay today. I just want to share some thoughts. I've been a Linkin Park fan since Hybrid Theory. I bought all their studio CD albums. I was looking for stores to buy their latest one. I cannot count how many times I have listened to their songs on my playlist. I even went all the way to Manila last 2013 and bought the most expensive ticket to see them. Their changes in music writing have been received negatively by others but I didn't care. I was still a fan. I embraced and appreciated the changes. I'd say Linkin Park is my only beloved rock band and I hold them dear in my heart since high school. I want people around me to understand how heartbreaking the news is to me. The thought of never hearing new songs from them and not being able to see a concert of them scares me.
RIP Chester. I hope the rest of the band members, their families and friends, and the fans (including me) will stay strong.

One final note: If you feel someone is suicidal, no matter how subtle the signs are, never ignore and seek help.


Photo taken by me during Living Things World Tour in Manila last August 13, 2013.
I am heartbroken. Thank you Chester for sharing your talent to the world. You will be missed.

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