Jul 8, 2017

Sweet Lolita in Wonderland Photoshoot

My photographer friend Wena invited me to do a photoshoot again. I realized it's been a while since I had a photoshoot with her and that I had this hobby of modelling for her. We came up with an Alice in Wonderland-inspired concept with me wearing one my sweet lolita costumes. The venue was a subdivision where my other close friend Daisy lives. Daisy was more than generous enough to help set up the props and accommodate us during the day.

With all our sweat and efforts, these awesome photos were taken:

Props and Location by Daisy
Photos by Wena
HMU and Costume by me

This was such a fun day. The weather was kind of weird that day (raining a little and too humid) but we made it through the photoshoot session. Thanks to my ever talented and supportive college friends, Wena and Daisy for this another opportunity to model for them and for the enjoyable day.

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