Oct 30, 2016

Goth Loli for ARCHCon 2016

It's that time of the year again for ARCHCon. I've been attending this event since 2008 although unlike UP Otakufest which I never missed a single attendance, it was on/off for ARCHCon since it was difficult for me to take an off from my previous work and my schedule was graveyard. I took more priority for UP Otakufest if I do at least attend one event every year. Also last year, I was in the US. This year, I decided I should go, given that the date lies on a weekend holiday.

My initial plan was to wear my Witchy Set costume since it's Halloween. The costume was from three years ago so I tried fitting it and guess what, I can still wear it but it was kind of tight already and I was afraid the costume will fall apart on the event day. I even made a new Witchy hat. With a week to decide, I remembered my sister gave me a gothic lolita dress as a gift when I visited her in Japan and also she sent a pair of black lolita shoes which are perfect with the dress so I finally decided to wear them for the event.

My other concern was I didn't have friends coming to the event. My eldest sister isn't available too. So I asked my mom to come and she gladly agreed. I even asked my dad too but he's just okay driving me and my mom to the venue. It's been a long time since I brought my mom to a cosplay event. I was just too happy she was there with me and willingly took photos for me. :)

Here are some of my photos during the event:

Nakigitsune from Touken Ranbu

With a human-size Gundam.

Yes, that's No Face right there!

Storm Trooper with a cape?

Thanks Ma for the support! Until the next convention y'all~! :)

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