Feb 25, 2017

Strolling Alone at Otakufest X The Matrix

Yes, you read that right. For the first time within the 10 seasons of Otakufest, I was alone. Oh well, I'm used to being alone anyway although I think it would have been much better to attend the convention with some friends. Looks like this was a change of my usual routine during Otakufest. Anyway, I still enjoyed the event even though I kind of felt that I am getting old with this cosplay hobby of mine. A couple of my co-founders were there but as always, they still put their heart and soul in helping the event so I missed spending time with them. I was glad though to see two former coworkers, my gunpla modeler friends and their exhibits, and a few college schoolmates.

I didn't plan ahead for my costume so I decided to wear one of my sister's sweet lolita dress. I was not cosplaying a character in particular but I would describe my getup as "cosplaying myself if I am in Akihabara or Shibuya" lol.

Anyway, here are some of my photos during the event:
A photo taken by a Good Samaritan stranger. Thanks dude!
Yes, the dress is full of desserts and if you're wondering, the shoes hurt a little.

A Unicorn Gundam girl.
Some cosplayers.
My friends in the exhibit wanted me to take a photo of this gay pose of Sephiroth and Cloud lol. 
Cosplay winners.
Special Guest: Korean boyband AxisB
I'm thankful that Otakufest has grown to be one of Cebu's most anticipated convention. It makes me reflect on life in general and that as long as there are people who will be there to support you, you'll grow and become a better person. Until the next convention! :)