Oct 30, 2016

Goth Loli for ARCHCon 2016

It's that time of the year again for ARCHCon. I've been attending this event since 2008 although unlike UP Otakufest which I never missed a single attendance, it was on/off for ARCHCon since it was difficult for me to take an off from my previous work and my schedule was graveyard. I took more priority for UP Otakufest if I do at least attend one event every year. Also last year, I was in the US. This year, I decided I should go, given that the date lies on a weekend holiday.

My initial plan was to wear my Witchy Set costume since it's Halloween. The costume was from three years ago so I tried fitting it and guess what, I can still wear it but it was kind of tight already and I was afraid the costume will fall apart on the event day. I even made a new Witchy hat. With a week to decide, I remembered my sister gave me a gothic lolita dress as a gift when I visited her in Japan and also she sent a pair of black lolita shoes which are perfect with the dress so I finally decided to wear them for the event.

My other concern was I didn't have friends coming to the event. My eldest sister isn't available too. So I asked my mom to come and she gladly agreed. I even asked my dad too but he's just okay driving me and my mom to the venue. It's been a long time since I brought my mom to a cosplay event. I was just too happy she was there with me and willingly took photos for me. :)

Here are some of my photos during the event:

Nakigitsune from Touken Ranbu

With a human-size Gundam.

Yes, that's No Face right there!

Storm Trooper with a cape?

Thanks Ma for the support! Until the next convention y'all~! :)

Oct 26, 2016

Nostalgia Alert: Gilmore Girls Is Back!

Okay I bet you already heard the news of Gilmore Girls coming back this year and yes, they just released a trailer. I am just as excited as any Gilmore Girls fan out there. To see all the cast again in the trailer has overwhelmed me with happiness and nostalgia. After all, it has been nine years since the show ended at season seven. I was in my high school and college when I watched the show before. Clearly, I was kind of the same age as Rory. I remember watching it together with my older sisters. We love the show a lot. The show taught me a lot of things especially American culture like if you have the brains and want a good college, you are suitable to be in a private preparatory school. It introduced me to the lovely state of Connecticut and the prestigious universities of Harvard and Yale. The nostalgia was not just meant for my teenage years but it apparently reminds me a lot of my business trips in Connecticut. I am reminded on my first visit to Yale University where I met a friend who toured me around the campus and I told him that I knew Yale because of Gilmore Girls and I can still remember how he laughed while saying that "everybody has watched Gilmore Girls". Although the show was not exactly filmed in Connecticut, I have read before that the inspiration for the Stars Hollow town was from a real town in Connecticut. I searched for it today and found out it was Washington. "Oh, I was there once! I had my first apple picking there!", I thought. Then I checked on some blogs about travelers doing some road trips to find the Stars Hallow look-a-like towns in Connecticut and they also mentioned Kent. Yes, Kent was beautiful! It is probably my most favorite Connecticut town I have visited so far. I really liked the town's ambiance; the book store, the antique shops, the cafes, the Kent falls, the environment was just beautifully in place like a rural main street in a US movie, yes, just like in a set of Gilmore Girls. I should have taken some pictures around the area. I only have photos in Kent falls, in fact, one of my Facebook profile picture is me in Kent falls. I wish I thought more of Gilmore Girls when I was in Connecticut and took more photos especially in Washington and Kent. Maybe next time when I have the chance to visit again, I'll definitely find some time to tour more around. Connecticut in general is a very beautiful state and I really loved it there. No wonder it became an inspiration of the show's writer. I am also excited about Rory's lovelife on who she'll end up with. I read that all of her exes will show up on the new series. I actually liked Dean a lot but him getting married right away was a turn off for me. Jess was not my type at all, sorry Jess fans. Logan was my kind of guy although he has done bad things in the past. I can't wait what those last four words they are talking about but we'll have to wait and see! :)