Sep 16, 2016

A Letter To Myself

Dear Self,

How are you? You must be still sad of how things turned out. I know how hard it is when your mind and heart are contradicting. It is very stressful and tiring especially when you think of the pain almost all the time and still holding on to some false hopes that you know will never happen. There must be a lot of questions and what ifs in your mind. But I tell you, let all these sadness and pain feel you. Let all the tears flow from your eyes. Let the loneliness take control for now. Take the time to heal and accept that everything happens for a reason.

Once this is all over, I hope you put that happy eyes again. I hope you put that beautiful smile again. I hope you put that bubbly attitude again. Please don't hurt yourself. Take care of your health. Spend time with people you know that truly love you. Focus on improving yourself. Keep your faith in God because He will never give up on you no matter what happens. Forgive but remember all the lessons. Understand that these are all part of the process to make you a better person and to lead you to the happiness that you are praying for.

You deserve much more. You deserve to be treated as a priority and not to be taken for granted. Don't ever question your worth because you know yourself better than anyone. You deserve to be loved through the good and the bad because you can do the same. Aren't you excited to think that there is a greater or maybe the greatest happiness coming? I am excited for you!

You still have a lot of goals right? Pursue them. Don't let the sadness pull you down. You're an amazing girl. Don't give up on love. Don't you ever think for a second that you could've done something to make things work. Remember that you were not the one who gave up. You are a strong girl. If ever you feel down, just look how far you have come. Know that sadness happens so we can appreciate what happiness is.

This shall pass and one day, it will be nostalgic but you will not remember the painful feelings anymore. Hang in there!

Your conscience