Aug 20, 2016

Japanese Summer Fiesta: Bon Odori 2016

I've been looking forward on joining my second Bon Odori festival this year. I wasn't able to attend last year because I was on the other side of the world at that time (yeah, missing these kind of events while on business trip makes me sad). Also, this is the perfect time to wear the yukata sets my sister sent from Japan. Since I have already worn the pink yukata during Halloween last year, I wore the red set and had my other sister wore the pink set.

So here are some photos of our yukatas and during the event:

Our butterfly obis which means we are still single. <3

Found a Tsukihi Araragi cosplayer!
Yes, the sister of  Koyomi Araragi in Bakemonogatari.

Eating the very sweet apple candies.

Our matching getas.

Fireworks before the event ended.

Bon Odori is another way for me to enjoy Japanese culture. It's fascinating to know that we have this kind of event here. Maybe next time, my sister in Japan can join so the three sisters will be complete. Until the next Bon Odori! :)

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