Jul 30, 2016

Listening To Adele

Lately, I've been listening to Adele's songs. I'm not sure why but most of her songs describe my feelings of what I am going through right now. Her music is like the anthem of this point of my life. I feel like I have finally understood why most of her songs (and all other songs) are centered on love, heartbreak, self-examination, and forgiveness; these feelings have great impact in our lives.

I would like to quote some lyrics of her songs and give my short insight on how I relate to them.

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere? 

- Chasing Pavements
These lyrics not just describe my struggles with a relationship but also my struggles with life in general. 

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true  
Nothing that I wouldn’t do 
Go to the ends of the earth for you 
To make you feel my love
- Make You Feel My Love 
This is the last stanza of the song which I believe completely reflects of what kind of a person I can be for the one I love.

When was the last time you thought of me?  
Or have you completely erased me from your memory?
- Don't You Remember 
This is part of verse 2 of the song and this is what I ask every time I remember the people who left me.

Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?
- Someone Like You  
This last line in the bridge part is what I felt when I had to say goodbye to some people. The feeling was definitely bittersweet.

We've gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain't kids no more
- Send My Love (To Your New Lover)  
These lines describe of what I am trying to do, to let go and remind myself that I am a mature, grown up woman who is willing to understand and forgive.

Let me photograph you in this light
In case it is the last time that we might
Be exactly like we were before we realized
We were sad of getting old, it made us restless

-When We Were Young
This song reminds me a lot of my sister who I visited in Japan. Me and my sister are the best of friends and I feel nostalgic thinking how we were so young and free before and now things are getting complicated. It was sad to part ways when I went back home. Taking photos of her during my visit is like what I felt in the first three lines on the chorus.

Let this be our lesson in love
Let this be the way we remember us

- All I Ask 
This is my most favorite Adele song, even though I wasn't able to relate to it much when I first heard it but I knew something was coming. However I want to focus on these two lines which means to remember the lessons and the happy momories together.

Somewhere in the future, I will look back on this part of my life and remember how strong I was to overcome the pain and struggles.