Jun 11, 2016

Dumaguete and Siquijor Summer Escapade

For our mandatory summer outing, my coworkers and I decided to visit two nearby provinces of Cebu namely, Negros and Siquijor. We only visited Dumaguete City in Negros though because it's a huge province while Siquijor is a small island province. This trip was really fun and exciting for the reason that almost everything didn't go as planned. I'm not saying that those that go as planned aren't fun. No doubt they are the ideal but being spontaneous and out of the plan can be exciting too especially if you are with people who enjoy new adventures.

We stayed in Dumaguete City for a night. We walked around their park near the pier. Here are some of our photos in Dumaguete City:

The famous Sans Rival with delicious pastries like the Silvanas.
Silliman University

The exciting part started when our Siquijor plans didn't follow. We initially planned to get to Siquijor early morning but unexpectedly, we were not able to get tickets for the early ferry schedule because a lot of people were traveling to Siquijor for a fiesta. So the tickets we purchased is already for the 12pm sked and because we really want to explore Siquijor, we decided to stay there for the night, We didn't bring enough essentials for us to stay there for the night because we really intended to go back to Dumaguete City early evening on the same day but we thought it would be a waste to miss some spots in Siquijor. One fun part of the trip was the place we stayed in Siquijor. The power was on and off (off most of the time) so we had no choice but to go outside in the middle of the night to breathe some fresh air. It was really dark outside and suddenly the dogs were howling so we immediately went inside the room again, enduring the heat. Siquijor is pretty known to be a place of magic and sorcery. Anyway, it was worth the stay and I always have a lot of laugh every time I think of our Siquijor adventure. So here are some of my photos in Siquijor:

Famous Balete in Siquijor.

Lazi Church

Cambugahay Falls

Salagdoong Beach

Here's also a short video summary of our trip taken by my coworker blogger:

This trip was really fun and memorable. Until my next escapade with my coworker friends! ;)