May 14, 2016

My Awesome Trip To Japan

It has been a childhood dream of mine to visit Japan. Growing up watching anime has been a great influence of my interest about Japan. Now that I have the means, I have finally decided to do it, with the help of my sister who currently works in Japan. I took a vacation there for one week during Golden Week and it was just me and my sister touring around. It was definitely an awesome experience to finally visit one of my dream destinations.

I visited Narita, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Odaiba first before staying for two nights in Matsumoto Nagano where my sister lives. Then we went to Kyoto which by far was my favorite prefecture due to it's preserved traditional Japanese ambience. We headed to Nara after to see the wild deers before taking a night bus back to Tokyo.

So here are some of my great photos during the trip:

Shibuya Crossing (with my sister)
Shibuya Hachiko Statue (in case you haven't heard of the Hachiko movie, go watch it!)

Gundam Front Tokyo (I'm the happiest gundam fangirl at this moment!)

Matsumoto Castle
Agatanomori Park
Fushimi Inari-taisha
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Nij┼Ź Castle
Nara Park
Todaiji Temple
Tokyo Skytree
Asakusa Sensoji Temple
Tokyo Tower
Takeshita Street
Meiji Shrine
Tokyo University
Hachiko with Dr. Ueno Statue at Tokyo University (glad to see Hachiko's happy face!)
Imperial Palace
Tokyo Dome

Since Japan has it's own different culture and customs, I'd like to list down the things I noticed that were kind of interesting to me. :)

1) Vending Machines - there is a vending maching in almost every corner!
2) Small Cars - yes, it seems like they like their stuff small including their cars.
3) Girls Having Bangs - you'll see them everywhere. I so belong in this country! haha
4) Complicated Railways - I would be totally lost if I wasn't with my sister. ;A;
5) Not Wearing Sunglasses - my sister said that Japanese people are not very fan of sunglasses because they'll look like foreigners. Oh well, I wore my sunglasses, I'm a foreigner there anyway.
6) Wearing Masks -  you'll see them everywhere especially in trains and subways.
7) Old and New Toilets - okay their new toilets are amazing! Water pops out from the toilet if you prefer to have water before using tissues and then they have this flushing sound button you enable so any toilet noise will not be heard. The old toilets are weird though. You'll have to squat all the way to the ground. ;A;
8) One Piece Everywhere - aside from all the Ghibli stuff I see everywhere, it looks like One Piece is the most popular manga/anime there right now.
9) Not Accepting Tips - my sister told me not to give tips since they would think it's rude.
10) People Think I'm Japanese - oh yes, people there would try to talk to me in Japanese, thinking I'm a Japanese. I blame this to my looks and fashion. I do understand what they were saying but my Japanese skills failed me! My many years of watching anime in Japanese didn't help me!! xD

I really enjoyed my trip. I really hope I can visit there again soon. Until my next random travel! :)

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