Apr 16, 2016

Osmeña Peak and Tingko Beach

My college friends invited me to visit Osmeña Peak and Tingko beach. The initial plan was March but the plan has been moved for several times and it was finally decided to be done on April.

Osmeña Peak is the highest mountain peak in Cebu and it is a popular destination for hiking and camping so it has been one of my to-do list to visit there.

When we arrived at the bus terminal, the queue was too long for us to wait so we decided to take another option, which was to ride a minibus. We had to walk probably 15 minutes to get to the minibus parking. I'm glad we made that decision because we arrived in our destination just in time.

Inside the minibus.

So here are some of our photos during the trip. Shots taken from my GoPro and iPhone. I didn't bring my DSLR because it was heavy to take for hiking.

Look at that gorgeous view behind me!

Then after the hiking, we went to Tingko Beach to freshen up. Tingko Beach is located in Alcoy which takes around an hour to travel from the foot of Osmeña Peak via a motorbike. It was definitely a hot day.

Then we went home tired but it surely felt fulfilling for a day trip.

By the way, I made a short video of the trip. Please check it out below:

Overall, the trip was a great quick getaway from the city and from my busy work. I recommend it for those who want to have a short weekend trip away from the city. :)