Feb 28, 2016

Hanekawa at UP Otakufest IX: Pandemonium

It's already the ninth season for Otakufest, our beloved hobby convention since 2008 in college. I had a hard time deciding who to cosplay since I just came from the US and I only have like less than two months to prepare so I thought I should just cosplay a simple character. Also, I just want to reuse one of my costumes stuck in my boxes. Anyway, so since I've been such a Bakemonogatari fan and I've cosplayed two characters from the series already, I have decided to reuse my Senjougahara uniform and transform it for Hanekawa cosplay.

So here are some of my photos during the event:

I chose to wear white cat ears as seen on one of Hanekawa's nendroid petite version accessories.

Hanekawa Tsubasa. Photo taken by my photographer friend, Wena.

Without the cat ears.

Me with my supportive college friends. :)

Also, I broke my shoes during the event. T^T Why didn't you check your school shoes cosplay Chrisma?! xD I was just glad my friends were there to help me. Thank you friends!!

So there, I still cosplay guys! Although I think I'll cosplay less than before. Until my next cosplay and Otakufest! :)

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