Jan 22, 2016

Waking Up From A Beautiful Dream

When it was almost time to go back home to the Philippines, I felt like I was waking up from a very beautiful dream. I know I have been staying for too long already but I dreaded the day of my return. For the past six months I stayed in the US, I felt like I was so free that I could do anything I want, that I felt like an adult living on my own. Yes, I have done this before on my first US visit in 2014 but I only stayed for three months back then. Staying for six months on my second visit was totally a different experience.

I was with two of my best coworker friends who had the same passion as me, that is, to travel different places as much as possible. We were able to travel many beautiful and famous spots in the east coast. I really enjoyed our company together; talking random things during the long drives, being silly when we got lost, and being scared when somebody tailgated us. I always look forward with our weekend plans, whether just visiting one of my coworker's apartment or visiting my aunt in New Jersey or traveling for seven hours to Niagara Falls. It was always fun and exciting with my coworker friends.

Also, I never expected this but I met someone who I shared some of my first times in dating. It was pretty normal for me to go on a date with a guy once and that's it. However, this guy that I met was the first one who asked for another date then another and another and so on. He occupied almost all of my weekends after I met him. I truly appreciate his efforts for spending a lot of his time with me. The sweet romantic dates we had kept flashing back on my mind. I was very comfortable with him and every time he says I'm pretty, I felt like I'm the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. I think I finally met someone that would accept everything of me. The best part that I really like about him is how I can see the goodness in him. Physically, I love his blue/green/turquoise eyes the most. I do really like him, very much.

It was heartbreaking to let go of these things. Until now, I'm still trying to distract myself so that I won't feel sad thinking about being away from the US. I want to cherish these beautiful memories I had for six months and to keep being positive for the future.