Nov 9, 2015

Mysteries in Life

I just want to share what mysteries in life I have experienced that I'm quite curious. As I age each year, I feel like more questions pop up on my mind. They tend to make me anxious sometimes however, I try to always focus on the present and reality.

So here are some of mysteries in life that mostly cross my mind:

Dreams - Probably the most mysterious thing for me because we experience it everyday but we don't know if there are meanings on them. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a movie trying to act my character in the dream because when I wake up, I am back to reality. I also experienced dreaming within a dream. How weird. Also, some events in the past have a different situation in my dreams. Example, I dreamed that I was in college and I missed some of my subjects but when I woke up, I realized, I'm done with college, why was I in college again? But I do see dreams as something like when we sleep, our brain does some creative work to put together our memories and subconscious.

Being Lost For A Minute or Two - Do you sometimes feel like at one point you question why you are where you are at the moment? Like your vision becomes hazy while talking to someone and then having these weird confusion of what are you doing talking to this person? When you try to think deep and then suddenly you realized you are at work and you need to finish something? It's very strange but it sometimes happens to me. I'm not sure if there is a term for this but it feels like I'm somewhat detaching myself from reality for a bit and then immediately returning.

Love - a very huge word, if you ask me, because it means a lot. What makes it mysterious to me is that why do people fall in love? Why do people feel it? Why do people sacrifice for love? Why does sometimes it's gone and then it happens again? Why do we say we love our family and friends but it feels different with our significant other? Is there supposed to be some types of love? I'm not sure.

I guess having mysteries in life is part of being a human. If there were no mysteries, people will not search for answers and life would be boring. :)