Aug 12, 2015

When I Got Hit On

Yesterday, I went to the mall with my friend. We were inside the H&M store when I decided to go down to check more clothes while my friend was on her way to the fitting room. While I was checking on some blouses, a white man, with beard, with kind of curly long hair that was ponytailed, and not too tall (maybe around 5'7) suddenly approached me and started to say something. At first, I thought he was one of the H&M staff asking if I find everything okay (you know, that usual lines sales associates ask you when you're in a store) but then I was surprised when he started to tell me some *different lines*. OMG, this guy is hitting on me! What I can remember is that he started to tell me about what's missing on me. I'm like, huh? and then he said I wasn't smiling, that I should smile because I was blessed with beauty. He kept on saying I was beautiful. Back in my mind I was thinking, should I be smiling while picking some clothes? Will I not look stupid? xD He introduced himself and where he lives but I can't even remember his name and address (sorry!). He asked for my name so I gave it but then he then asked for my number. I'm like, "can I choose not to give my number?" and he was like "C'mon". I was hesitant but I thought it wouldn't be bad to give him my number so I gave it. However, I told him I was only visiting but didn't give much details because my friend arrived and maybe he got scared or shy so he left. My friend then told me maybe the guy thought I was alone haha.

Anyway, that was my first time being hit on here in the US. The guy is not my type but I like the way how he started the conversation. One of the factors that I really look into when meeting someone is how good our conversation will be. I like the way how he started to say that I don't smile but still complimenting me of my beauty.

PS. He didn't send me a text message so probably he lost my number or he realized I was not beautiful haha. :p

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