Jun 25, 2015

Being a Student Driver

Okay so I reach to a point that I am forcing myself to learn how to drive a car. An opportunity came again for me (thank God!) but I think I need to know how to drive already this time.

The car that I might be driving is an automatic one but I wanted to at least have an idea on how to drive a manual car. Anyway, so I took some driving lessons, 4 hours manual and 6 hours automatic. I finished my manual but unfortunately, was only able to drive 2 hours automatic because another student driver crashed the car. :( At least, I think I can already drive though. Automatic is really easy to handle and with a background of manual, it helped me gain confidence with the automatic car. My instructors were really helpful during my lessons and I learned a lot. One tip from one of my instructors that I have always kept in mind is to practice zero brake instead of zero gas. This means if you want to slow down and step out of the gas, might as well transfer your foot to the brakes even though you are not pushing the brakes. This tip is very helpful in case you panicked at least you're stepping the brakes and not the gas.

I'm getting my driver's license really soon. I pray to God for my safety when I start to drive already. For those who are afraid to try driving, I am the same as you at first but then once you start, you will eventually like it. I'm still starting myself though so can't really tell a lot of experience yet. I will post more when I have my fair share of experience already. ;)