Apr 27, 2015

Pronunciation 101: How to Pronounce My Name

Hi. My Name is Chrisma Joyce. My name Chrisma was derived from Christmas because I was born on the month of December (not December 25 but still on December). So if you pronounce my name, it's Christmas with no T and S, Chrisma (/ˈkrismə/).

There are times when my name is pronounced incorrectly. I would politely tell that person how to pronounce my name correctly and he/she would get it right away. However, I am not sure why but there are really unruly ones that would never listen and continue misprouncing my name and I hate it. Some would call me "Charisma" probably because it's very similar to my name and Charisma is pretty much a common name. Some would call me "Chrishma" for thinking that the H is in the middle which is definitely wrong. I really wonder where they got the H in the middle but I'm suspecting that since me and my coworkers work with Indians and some of their names have H in the middle so they probably think my name would sound that way too with the H which is obviously very incorrect.

Throughout my life, I have been called by different names from my family, to classmates, close friends, and co-workers. I would likely know if they call me this name that he/she is a family member, or if he/she calls me this that he/she is a classmate, something like that. I guess the "name hate" started in college when someone tried to call me a different name that I didn't like and I confronted him, telling him to please not call me that and use my real name instead. After all, I love my name and it's suppose to be used to call me that way and not a different one. I may have shown a bit of a "strict" side of me at that time but I had to do that to stop me being called some bad names and it looks like it happen again recently. I had to tell one of my new coworkers to pronounce my name correctly many times. I really do hope she will get used to it right now.

Anyway, I know I'm being a little cruel but when it comes to my name, I would really make sure that you pronounce it correctly. After all, it is the name your parents gave you and I love my name very much so ruining it would really piss me off.