Jan 25, 2015

Fashion Blog

A friend suggested I should run a fashion blog because he noticed my outfits are usually out of the ordinary and stylish. I haven't posted anything related to fashion (I did post about my cosplays if that counts as part of fashion). I've been recently cautious about the clothes I wear especially the time when I went to the US where I had to post photos of me every week because I usually travel around the nearby cities and states every weekend. I had to wear clothes that won't look like I was repeating them so I had to buy some clothes there. I got interested on how less expensive the clothes are in the US especially H&M and Forever21, which are thought as "expensive" brands already here in the Philippines. If you ask me what are my favorite clothing brands are, it would definitely be Terranova and Forever21 because I love their styles and they have my sizes! Too bad I didn't see any Terranova stores in the US so I had to shop with H&M and Forever21 instead.

In the next few posts, I will try to show my outfit of the day and give details to each. Yes, I will try to start my own fashion blog. You will still see my other random posts related to my personal experiences, anime, cosplay, photography, and traveling. I just want to add "fashion" on my categories. :)

So watch out for some of my #OOTDs! ^^