Dec 17, 2014

Boracay Escapade

I promised myself to have a wonderful vacation on a beach before the year ends and I thank God for making it possible. Me and my coworkers booked a trip to Boracay, an island paradise located in Aklan, Philippines. It is the most popular destination for local and foreign tourists for a beach vacation. This was my first time visiting the island and I was totally captivated by the white sands and the layers of blue waters of the wide beach there.

So here are several of the shots taken by my DSLR and GoPro:

Look at that white sands and bright blue waters!
Banana boat ride!!
With my awesome coworkers!
That's parasailing and helmet diving in one day!

Also, my very creative coworker, Moon, made a great compilation of all the GoPro videos we recorded during the trip. My GoPro was indeed very useful. :D Please check out the amazing video below:

Thank you to my awesome coworkers who were with me on this trip. It was really fun! Let's do it again soon! ^_^