Nov 18, 2014

Naruto Feels

Ok so a lot of you may already know that Naruto manga just ended. I feel happy because it had a proper ending but I feel sad at the same time because I will miss Naruto very much. Naruto is one of my favorite anime series after all. There was even a time that it was number one on my list.

Let me take you back on how I started with Naruto. I can't quite remember how I knew about Naruto but most likely because I saw some few episodes on TV. The anime had an afternoon schedule during my college days. I was probably on my first year in college when I saw some episodes but I was not able to continuously watched the episodes everyday due to my studies but pretty much I can understand and connect the story even if I skipped some episodes. There was a time when the local TV station had a contest where they will flash a question about Naruto during the series broadcast and you have to call right away to answer and lucky for me, I won! Lol. I forgot about the question but definitely the answer was Haku. I will never forget about it because at the time that I claimed my prize, it was the day my grandfather passed away. Anyway, what really hooked me up with Naruto was when one summer vacation, the partner local TV station had a marathon of Naruto episodes every afternoon everyday! How amazing was that? That was how I was able to understand and follow the story of Naruto. Also, I love all the opening and ending songs! It's where J-Rock was at its peak. At that time, I still don't have my own computer and internet so I had to go to my friend's house to download the songs and burn them in a CD. Thank God for my supportive friend! I have this crazy admiration for anime songs. Haha. I have copies of all the songs from Naruto.  And so when Shippuuden started, I watched each episode every week and never missed a single one until I was on my senior year and had to concentrate on my thesis. I stopped on that part where Naruto and Sakura found Sasuke but they failed to bring him back to the village. When I started working, I never had the chance to go back to Naruto again but I have always wanted to continue on it no matter what. So right now, because I feel like I will be missing the characters of Naruto, I have started continuing on the anime series after five years of hiatus.

I also bought several Naruto merchandise like figures, cellphone charms, stickers and notebooks. My current mousepad and pen containers at work are Naruto. :D I think I posted before but if not, my favorite character from Naruto is Uchiha Itachi so I bought a figure of him. :)

The next day after I read the end of the Naruto manga (it was the first time I thoroughly read chapters from the Naruto manga because I'm more attentive to the anime), I felt sad and down thinking about Naruto and it took me time to accept and realize so I had to go to work late. Yeah, I'm dramatic on things that I care very much. T^T

Anyway, thank you Naruto for these 15 years~! Thank you Kishimoto-sensei and Shonen Jump! I will definitely catch up on the anime. It  has been a long journey. Hontou ni arigato gozamashita! ^_^