Oct 18, 2014

My Bohol Trip

Because October 6 was declared a holiday, me and my officemates decided to visit Bohol for that weekend, a neighboring island which has a lot of tourist attractions. I've been in Bohol twice already, once when I was in high school with my family and once in college when we had our Literature field trip. However, this recent visit is kind of different because it's been a year since that tragic earthquake that struck Bohol.

So here are some of my photos during the trip:

Chocolate Hills


Loboc River

Man-made Forest

Baclayon Church
(it is under restoration because it was badly damaged by the earthquake, same as the other old churches in Bohol)
Sandugo Monument
Panglao Island
Virgin Island

So much has changed after the earthquake last year but the place is still worth visiting. I really had a great time with my co-workers. Until my next trip adventure! ^_^

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