Jun 28, 2014

Third Month in the US

I'm almost coming home! But in the mean time, let me share to you my June adventure in the US. 

So I went to New York the second time accompanied by my cousin who lives in Jersey City. I dropped by some places that I wasn't able to check on my first visit. So some of them are the following:

Grand Central Terminal with my cousin
Bryant Park
Maharlika with family
View of NYC from Jersey City. My cousin believes that this is the best view of NYC.
9/11 Memorial

The next weekend, me and my Filipino co-workers and friends went camping to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut. The camping they have in the US is kind of different on the camping we do in the Philippines. In the US, they bring their travel trailers and/or bring like their entire kitchen to the camping site to cook. In the Philippines, I've tried camping when I was a Girl Scout in elementary and high school and the cooking was manual like we cook with firewood and everyone sleeps in the tent. Well, we did sleep on the tent for the camping in Hammonasset, it's just that we brought an entire kitchen I think. :D Anyway, here are some of my pics there:

After setting up our tent :)
My first ever S'mores. :)

See that awesome travel trailer behind me.
Yep, there was a beach but the water was too cold to swim to so we ended up doing a little photoshoot with me in two-piece instead ;)

On the same month, I went back to New York and finally this time, I got to meet Lady Liberty. :)
Here are a few of my pics on my third visit in NYC:

Time Square at morning
9/11 Memorial
Battery Park
At the back of the Statue of Liberty
The beautiful Statue of Liberty

Believe it or not, the day after our NYC trip, we went to Massachusetts and visited the very famous Harvard University in Cambridge and after that, we headed straight to Boston. Here are some my photos on this quick visit:

One of Harvard University's beautiful structures
The monument of John Harvard
One of Harvard University's huge libraries
The Freedom Trail in Boston where you can see the hair-raising stories of the victims of Holocaust

Random guy near the Freedom Trail
Quincy Market
So there, I had a very productive weekend trips for June as well. July is coming up and I'm going back home already. I can't wait to tell my family and my friends about by US trip adventures. ;)