May 31, 2014

Second Month in the US

I can't believe I'm already two months in the US! Feels like I just arrived yesterday. xD Anyway, so I need to wrap up the spots I visited on my second month.

First one was I went bowling with my Filipino coworkers and friends at Thomaston Bowling Lanes. It's been a while since I had bowling. Pretty much just the same bowling play we have in the Philippines but their bowling centers allow parties and food around. :D

So here are a few of my bowling pics:

The second week of May, I went back to New Jersey to celebrate Mother's Day with my relatives and to visit my Aunt's grave who passed away four years ago. My Mom really wanted me to visit my Aunt's grave so that's why I visited back. Before we went to the cemetery, we visited Atlantic City again. When I was playing one of the slot machines, one of the securities asked for my ID thinking I was below 18 years old. I took it as a compliment though. :D

Here are some of my new pics in New Jersey:


House of Blues


Trump Taj Mahal

Visiting my Aunt's grave

The next weekend, I went to New Haven by train all by myself. It was risky but all worth it. I visited Yale University and the Knights of Columbus museum. :)

Yale University

Knights of Columbus museum

On the fourth weekend of May, we went to the famous Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut and enjoyed the childish rides there.

Having fun with the paddle boat. ;)

So that's it for my May adventure in the US. Stay tuned for my June escapade next!! ^_^

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