May 31, 2014

Second Month in the US

I can't believe I'm already two months in the US! Feels like I just arrived yesterday. xD Anyway, so I need to wrap up the spots I visited on my second month.

First one was I went bowling with my Filipino coworkers and friends at Thomaston Bowling Lanes. It's been a while since I had bowling. Pretty much just the same bowling play we have in the Philippines but their bowling centers allow parties and food around. :D

So here are a few of my bowling pics:

The second week of May, I went back to New Jersey to celebrate Mother's Day with my relatives and to visit my Aunt's grave who passed away four years ago. My Mom really wanted me to visit my Aunt's grave so that's why I visited back. Before we went to the cemetery, we visited Atlantic City again. When I was playing one of the slot machines, one of the securities asked for my ID thinking I was below 18 years old. I took it as a compliment though. :D

Here are some of my new pics in New Jersey:


House of Blues


Trump Taj Mahal

Visiting my Aunt's grave

The next weekend, I went to New Haven by train all by myself. It was risky but all worth it. I visited Yale University and the Knights of Columbus museum. :)

Yale University

Knights of Columbus museum

On the fourth weekend of May, we went to the famous Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut and enjoyed the childish rides there.

Having fun with the paddle boat. ;)

So that's it for my May adventure in the US. Stay tuned for my June escapade next!! ^_^

May 24, 2014

A Letter To My Crush

Dear Crush,

I know you are very busy and you might find me very annoying sending messages to you but I can't hide anymore and I have to confess. I have a crush on you xD When was the last time I had a crush on someone? Probably in college? That was like 9 years ago. xD The first time we talked on Skype, after that, I can't stop thinking about you. I really enjoyed our conversation. I can sense the extrovert energy in your voice even though it was already late at night. Did anyone tell you your enthusiasm is contagious? I'm an introvert but I was able to talk a lot during our call because of you. I think I mention this to you but I usually get attracted with intelligent guys. I find it the most appealing characteristic of a guy and I found it on you. When you added me on Facebook, I was checking your profile and I misunderstood your relationship status that's why I asked you if you were in a relationship. I was really sad when I assumed that you were still in a relationship but then you confirmed you aren't and I was really happy. Then you didn't message anymore and I felt sad again. I gave you hints already like giving my Facebook and my number. When you replied to one of text messages, I was so happy that I jumped for joy. The same feeling when you roll on your bed with excitement, yeah that feeling!

Then you said you would invite me when you're done with your finals and so I waited. The feeling of waiting feels like forever even though it was just for a week. Finally, you messaged me and I was really ecstatic! You set up a schedule and I was thrilled but a little bit scared of what might happened as I was going to travel alone and visit your place. However, my excitement prevailed and though I was hesitant (I had to call my sister in Japan to ask for her advice), I was determined to meet you in person.

So I asked the shuttle service in the hotel to bring me to the train station and from there it was just me. I love how peaceful the scenery I witnessed during my train ride.I was very excited, my heart was beating very fast. I don't really have a good sense of direction so I had to ask some people when I arrived on the station for transfer. The transfer train is on the opposite track so I had to walk around (I think there was a shorter way but the information guy told me to take the stairs). The transfer train arrived and I was already nervous. In a few minutes I will be seeing you. I arrived on the final stop and I waited in the waiting area as you said since you were arriving a little late. I actually saw you first when you entered the waiting area but I wanted you to approach me first but you were fast enough to recognize me even with my shades on. I was really glad to see you at last. So we rode the bus to the university and then walk a few blocks where we meet some of your friends. You were all talking things I couldn't relate, I felt out of place but I was fine. Meeting some of your friends was fun. :) So we headed to the Thai restaurant and I can't remember the name of the food we ate but it had some shrimp, broccoli, and meat balls on it. You offered to let me order a slush and so I chose the mango one. Before we ate, you asked if I say my grace before meals. Of course, I say my grace every meal. I think I was caught off guard before I can even think to pray. xD But really, I am amazed that you asked, I mean I never thought American guys pray before they eat but you were an exception because you were a serious Catholic so it's one of the things that I really like about you. After the meal, we headed out to a church where you took the first photo of me. I had to teach you a little about my camera and you learn so fast! xD Then we went to a library where it felt like Hogwarts to me. The structures of the buildings are just awesome. I've never been inside a similar building before. The paintings on the walls were very nice too. Inside the library, I can imagine Harry Potter writing notes using his ink and quill in a parchment lol. xD Luckily that day was a graduation day so many people were looking around and I wasn't the only one carrying a DSLR. We went to another library but it was a different one this time because it displays books that are rare in the most artistic display of books I've ever seen. Everything in there was really amazing. Outside, I can see a lot of graduates and their families getting together already. How nostalgic. I remembered when I graduated, a lot of my relatives went to my university to see me. :) And so we went to that shady grassy area where we spent time just talking random things. That was the most memorable and sweetest part of that day. I was able to share some things I've never shared with a guy before. You were a very good listener. Your turquoise eyes were beaming at me intently. If only I could do more for you but I was too shy and my conservativeness prevailed on me. Because I needed to catch up a train and I wanted to taste your cooking, we headed to your place and you cooked for me. Thank you very much for the food you cooked for me. Remember that I had to bring the leftovers? I ate the leftovers with rice back in the hotel and it was really delicious! Then we made our way to the museum where the visitors were only us. Thanks for showing me around the museum even if it was just a short time as the museum was already about to close. So it was already time to go to the train station and say our goodbyes. Thanks for paying my return ticket. Before I rode the train, we hugged and it was the tightest and longest hug I ever did to a guy. On the train, I was reflecting on the things we did on that day and it makes me sad to think that I will not be able to see you again and I'm going to miss you so bad that I know that it'll hurt more each day. If only we had more time to get to know each other. If only I was near you and see you everyday. If only there was a chance for us. That weekend felt really bittersweet.

Now, you aren't messaging me anymore. You aren't talking to me even a little bit. I thought you said to keep in touch. :( And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me it happens all the time (yes that awesome lyrics!). I wonder if you liked me even for just a little. I wonder how you are doing right now. I wonder if we will be seeing each other again. I wonder if you will still be able to remember my name and my face if we see each other again. I wonder a lot of things about you. I can sense that you are heading to a very bright future and it feels like you are too far to reach already but I will be happy and proud to tell everyone that I met you, the wonderful guy that exceeded my standards. I miss you, everyday.

I hope the best for you, to your studies, and to your future career. I hope I can move on soon. Take care always and God bless!

Sincerely Yours,
The girl who has a crush on you <3