Apr 30, 2014

First Month in the US

It's been a month since I arrived in the US. Though it's all work on the weekdays, I have all my weekends off and so far, I've traveled to many places already. I will try to wrap them all up in one post. :)

The first state I visited was New York. I met up with my college friends there and we strolled the concrete jungle that is New York City. Here are a few pics of me in NYC:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Bridge
Rockefeller Center
Time Square
Central Park

The next weekend after my NY trip, we went to the capital of US, Washington DC, for their annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. Finally, I got to see and touch the very famous Cherry Blossoms that only grows in cold areas :D

Here are a few of my pics :D

Cherry Blossoms!

Playing with the Washington Monument :p
Abraham Lincoln Memorial
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
United States Capitol
Yes, it's the White House right there!

Then on the next weekend, my aunt invited me to visit her in New Jersey so I went there and she brought me to Atlantic City. :D

Here are some of my pics :D

Outlet and I never miss to visit one of my fave stores :D
Caesars with my friend and my aunt and uncle :)
Beach in the Boardwalk
Miss America signage :D
One of the Trump Plazas (there's a lot actually xD)

Atlantic City Convention Hall where Miss America is held :)


So for my first month, I had explored many places already. I hope I can explore more this coming May. :)

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