Mar 27, 2014

US Trip

Before March ends, I would like to share about one of the greatest blessings God has given me this year: a business trip to the US. Currently, I am in the US to do some training related to my job as a programmer analyst.

It all started when I applied for my current employer a year ago. In one of my interviews, I was asked if I was willing to travel in the US for work and I said, "Absolutely! That would be a very great opportunity." I never really thought it was a serious offer. I just thought maybe I have a small chance if there is really a trip to the US thing for the position I was applying. I didn't even know the position I was applying was very much connected to the company's US office until I got the job and started working. All the support and projects I worked on are all based in our US business units so I had to work on a second shift, that is, 2:00pm-11:30pm so that I can do support at least just in the morning in US time.

After a year of working with the company, my manager in the US decided that I should undergo a training in the US so I can enhance my skills and can do more in the projects and support. Without any hesitation, I agreed right away. If I didn't, I know I will regret it forever.

But it was not an easy task. First, I needed to apply for a US Visa which took me two tries to finally be approved. The first application was not approved because of my not-so-detailed training outline. Luckily, the second time I applied, I was only asked a few questions and I didn't even have to show any documents. Plus, I was given a 10-year multiple entry, how great is that.

Then it was already the day of my trip. I traveled for almost two days, from Cebu to Hong Kong to Vancouver and finally to New York. Thank God I arrived safe.

JFK New York to Connecticut

I'm currently staying in Connecticut as it is where the US office of our company is located. What surprised me the most is the very cold weather temperature. I'm from a very warm country and now I have to deal with a very cold place. xD It's already spring as they say but still, it's very cold. 

Of course, I don't want to miss taking a picture with the snow even though they're already melting, at least there are some left for me. :D

And it's never too late for my winter clothes fashion. How I've long to wear such clothes. :3

First day at work :D
So I'm not yet sure how long I'm staying here in the US but I will make sure to travel more places here and make most out of my stay. :D

I'll share more soon. :3

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