Feb 16, 2014

The New Golden Age of Otaku Fest

February might be always remembered as a month of love but for me, and to my fellow local cosplayers and hobbyists, February is the month for the most awaited hobby convention in our place, the UP Otaku Fest or simply called as OF. Now on it's seventh year, OF has grown so much that it makes me really proud to be one of the co-founders of the event. Together with my batchmates back in college, we just wanted to create an event where everyone can share about their hobbies and today, OF has now become the most anticipated event for all hobbyists in Cebu.

For this year's OF, the organizing team come up with "New Golden Age" as the theme "wherein elements of luck, destiny, and success come into play in a new futuristic world" (as described in the official statement from the OF7 team). The first thing I thought of was Gundam. As you may already know, I'm a huge fan of the Gundam franchise ever since I watched Gundam Wing. And so I wanted to cosplay a character from a Gundam anime but since there are too many Gundam anime series and it was hard to choose, I asked the GAC (Gunpla Addiction Cebu) members for a suggestion when I met them first time in a meeting for the ARCHcon exhibit planning. The character they had in mind was Mineva Lao Zabi in her Zeon uniform from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and I agreed right away as I also like her character and Gundam Unicorn has been one of my favorite Gundam anime. :)

Preparations, designing, and the making of the costume was kinda difficult. I had to find a different seamstress who can create the Zeon patterns in the costume with cheaper labor cost, since I'm pretty sure, my usual seamstress, my aunt, won't be able to make the patterns. I had to print and draw all possible angles of the costume so it will be as detailed as possible. The most difficult part was finding the golden/yellow suede cloth for the Zeon patterns, which after much searching, found a yellow one in an upholstery store.

So without further ado, here are some pics of my costume:

photo by Ems
photo by Wena
photo by Wena

Also, during the event, there was a last minute decision to make me as one of the judges of the cosplay competition so I was not prepared at all but I'm still very thankful for the opportunity. With this, I met the two awesome cosplayers from Team MARCH, Lyron and Ae Ri who came all the way from Manila to be the guests and judges of the cosplay competition. It was such an honor to meet them in person. ^_^

top pic with Ae Ri and bottom pic with Lyron

I really enjoyed OF this year except that the weather didn't cooperate. Oh well, I think it was still a blast plus the Kpopers were very willing to dance under the rain which kept the activity alive and kicking.

I thank my sister for accompanying and supporting me. To my friends as well, thank you for the support and for the pictures!! ^_^  Kudos to the amazing organizing team this year~!! Hoping for more awesome OF years to come~!! ^_^