Jan 10, 2014

My Ideal Anime Guys

Since I have grown up watching anime, I have come to realize what characteristics I really like to be in a man. It doesn't necessarily mean these characteristics exist in anime only. I'm pretty much attracted to guys who have the qualities I like which I found in my list of favorite anime guys. I find him my ideal if I meet someone similar. :3

Ok so here are a few of my ideal anime guys and my corresponding information and opinions about them:

Athrun Zala from Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny
Well, as you may have noticed, I am a huge fan of Athrun. I find him really cool with his intelligence and skills as a pilot, no doubt he was named the ace pilot of ZAFT. As noted on his wiki page, "Athrun is described as a quiet, reserved, and often a benevolent individual" which I find very attractive. Also, when it comes to his relationship with Cagalli, I love how their relationship became so natural and mutual that he even chose to be in ORB with Cagalli.

Toushiro Hitsugaya from Bleach
Despite at a young age, Hitsugaya was appointed the captain of the 10th Division because he is known to be the child prodigy that only appears once in a century. Even with a cold attitude, with his intellect and natural talent, he was able to graduate from the Shinigami Academy in a single year with the highest written and performance scores in each of his classes, joined the Gotei 13 shortly afterwards, and then became the youngest Shinigami to ever reach the rank of captain. I find all of these very interesting. :3

Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho
Another character with cold attitude is Hiei. He is known to be a very skillful fighter, defeating almost all the enemies he encountered. His genuine love for his sister has also added a different side of his personality.

Quatre Raberba Winner from Gundam Wing
Even though he engages into the Operation Meteor, the pilot of Sandrock, Quatre, is seen to be good-natured character, telling his enemies to surrender rather than fighting and killing them. He also plays musical instruments like violin and piano which adds to his charming traits. I like guys that are into music. ;)

Kirito from Sword Art Online
Regardless of becoming a beater (beta cheater), Kirito is known to be a very high skilled gamer, being able to reach 10th floor in beta testing and the only player who completed Sword Art Online. I like boys that are good with games. :3 Kirito and Asuna's romantic relationship  is one of the most popular anime couples in history. What makes their relationship unique is that they only met and fell in love in-game and it took a while before they really saw each other in person.

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter
Killua is a son of a rich family but he doesn't care less and still befriends Gon. At a young age, he is already a very expert assassin and hunter. I like how he was able to continue his friendship with Gon despite the pressure of his family.

Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night / Fate Zero
Maybe the most arrogant of all of my favorite guys but that's what I like about Gilgamesh. He is the strongest servant and I find him really handsome, especially when he puts his hair down. I also like how demanding he is like asking Saber to be his bride. I find it really cute. :3

Shinya Kougami from Psycho-Pass
An accomplished detective turned enforcer, Kougami is one of the serious type anime guys that got me attracted. I like how he can stay calm and do his job. I like how cool he looks in a suit while shooting criminals with the dominator. I like how he cares a lot about his friends.

Kunimitsu Tezuka from Prince of Tennis
I find Tezuka, the captain of the Sengoku tennis club, as a tennis genius. Plus, his eyeglasses emits an intelligent and serious aura which I really like. He's tallness and handsomeness are bonuses. ^^

Natsume Asahina from Brother's Conflict
Among the 13 Asahina brothers, the only one that got me attracted to was Natsume. He is one of the triplets (a fraternal triplet). One thing that got me attracted to him is he's job as a CEO of a gaming company. I find him honest, independent, and aggressive (in terms of his feelings to Ema. Though he smokes (I prefer my guys to be non-smokers), I still find him cool and mature.
PS. I had to show his sexy body~ ;p

I have more on my list but I'll just post 10 of them. To summarize, I like boys that are smart, quiet, handsome, serious, tall, mature (even with young age), musician or into music, very skilled in his profession, and are kindhearted even though they don't show it much. If you find other characters that fit on my taste, then most probably I'll like them too...or even real guys that suits the characteristics I listed. :)

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