Dec 17, 2014

Boracay Escapade

I promised myself to have a wonderful vacation on a beach before the year ends and I thank God for making it possible. Me and my coworkers booked a trip to Boracay, an island paradise located in Aklan, Philippines. It is the most popular destination for local and foreign tourists for a beach vacation. This was my first time visiting the island and I was totally captivated by the white sands and the layers of blue waters of the wide beach there.

So here are several of the shots taken by my DSLR and GoPro:

Look at that white sands and bright blue waters!
Banana boat ride!!
With my awesome coworkers!
That's parasailing and helmet diving in one day!

Also, my very creative coworker, Moon, made a great compilation of all the GoPro videos we recorded during the trip. My GoPro was indeed very useful. :D Please check out the amazing video below:

Thank you to my awesome coworkers who were with me on this trip. It was really fun! Let's do it again soon! ^_^

Nov 18, 2014

Naruto Feels

Ok so a lot of you may already know that Naruto manga just ended. I feel happy because it had a proper ending but I feel sad at the same time because I will miss Naruto very much. Naruto is one of my favorite anime series after all. There was even a time that it was number one on my list.

Let me take you back on how I started with Naruto. I can't quite remember how I knew about Naruto but most likely because I saw some few episodes on TV. The anime had an afternoon schedule during my college days. I was probably on my first year in college when I saw some episodes but I was not able to continuously watched the episodes everyday due to my studies but pretty much I can understand and connect the story even if I skipped some episodes. There was a time when the local TV station had a contest where they will flash a question about Naruto during the series broadcast and you have to call right away to answer and lucky for me, I won! Lol. I forgot about the question but definitely the answer was Haku. I will never forget about it because at the time that I claimed my prize, it was the day my grandfather passed away. Anyway, what really hooked me up with Naruto was when one summer vacation, the partner local TV station had a marathon of Naruto episodes every afternoon everyday! How amazing was that? That was how I was able to understand and follow the story of Naruto. Also, I love all the opening and ending songs! It's where J-Rock was at its peak. At that time, I still don't have my own computer and internet so I had to go to my friend's house to download the songs and burn them in a CD. Thank God for my supportive friend! I have this crazy admiration for anime songs. Haha. I have copies of all the songs from Naruto.  And so when Shippuuden started, I watched each episode every week and never missed a single one until I was on my senior year and had to concentrate on my thesis. I stopped on that part where Naruto and Sakura found Sasuke but they failed to bring him back to the village. When I started working, I never had the chance to go back to Naruto again but I have always wanted to continue on it no matter what. So right now, because I feel like I will be missing the characters of Naruto, I have started continuing on the anime series after five years of hiatus.

I also bought several Naruto merchandise like figures, cellphone charms, stickers and notebooks. My current mousepad and pen containers at work are Naruto. :D I think I posted before but if not, my favorite character from Naruto is Uchiha Itachi so I bought a figure of him. :)

The next day after I read the end of the Naruto manga (it was the first time I thoroughly read chapters from the Naruto manga because I'm more attentive to the anime), I felt sad and down thinking about Naruto and it took me time to accept and realize so I had to go to work late. Yeah, I'm dramatic on things that I care very much. T^T

Anyway, thank you Naruto for these 15 years~! Thank you Kishimoto-sensei and Shonen Jump! I will definitely catch up on the anime. It  has been a long journey. Hontou ni arigato gozamashita! ^_^

Oct 28, 2014

Shinobu in ARCHCon 2014

I've been attending ARCHCon since 2007, when we were still trying to get an idea about how to organize a hobby event for Otaku Fest. Since then, I've been trying to attend every year. I had to skip a couple years I think because I had Saturday work from my previous company.

Anyway, this year, I was there and I'm really thankful that my sister never ceased to stop supporting me during ARCHCon and other hobby conventions. I've been planning to redo my Shinobu with proper helmet and wig styling. Finally, I was able improve my Shinobu cosplay during ARCHCon last October 25, 2014. Here are some few photos, taken by my very supportive sister;

Things I improved:
- Better wig styling
- Wore contacts
- Better make up
- Bought the right goggles

I didn't have time to buy Mister Donuts (I bought some on my first Shinobu cosplay) but I will surely buy and bring a sword next time. :)

Oct 18, 2014

My Bohol Trip

Because October 6 was declared a holiday, me and my officemates decided to visit Bohol for that weekend, a neighboring island which has a lot of tourist attractions. I've been in Bohol twice already, once when I was in high school with my family and once in college when we had our Literature field trip. However, this recent visit is kind of different because it's been a year since that tragic earthquake that struck Bohol.

So here are some of my photos during the trip:

Chocolate Hills


Loboc River

Man-made Forest

Baclayon Church
(it is under restoration because it was badly damaged by the earthquake, same as the other old churches in Bohol)
Sandugo Monument
Panglao Island
Virgin Island

So much has changed after the earthquake last year but the place is still worth visiting. I really had a great time with my co-workers. Until my next trip adventure! ^_^

Sep 30, 2014

Photo Summary Video of My US Trip

This is probably late but I made a photo summary video of my US trip adventure last March 23 - July 3, 2014. The photos on this video are mostly taken from my DSLR. I really had a great time on my trip. I thank God for the US business trip opportunity and the chance to visit some beautiful places in the US and to meet some friends.

So here's my video. Enjoy! :)

Aug 28, 2014

Being a Risk-Taker

I admit. I risk. But that doesn't mean I do it always. I risk if good reasons are dominant than bad reasons or if my instinct says "do it".

I have learned my lesson about taking risks. I have regretted some things in the past because I thought it was too risky but I have charged it to my experience. Some people may think I'm not listening to them about doing something risky. I am listening and I fully understand. It's just that I have learned that if I decide to do something, I do it for myself and not for others. I do it because I want to. I do it because I don't want to regret again. My family and friends may have a different view or thinking about the situation than me but in the end, it's my decision. If I decide to do something risky, I prepare myself with the risk and do some mitigation plans. This helps me lessen the feeling of the risk. Also, thinking positive always and putting the law of attraction on my mind helped me a lot.

Probably I started to develop this type of attitude when I was in college. I graduated in a college where the environment is tough. Almost everything, from exams, to projects, to thesis, we do it on our own. Yes, there were group projects but individual projects was the usual trend. I have learned to do things on my own. I have learned that you can't always rely to the people around you, that you have to be able to stand on your own. I have learned to talk and be honest with myself. I have learned to accept failures and changes. I have learned to decide on my own and never regret.

I am not really sure if this is a good or bad attitude but I know for sure that I alone will decide for myself and that includes taking risks.

Aug 16, 2014

Bon Odori Japanese Summer Festival Cebu 2014

This is my first ever Japanese summer festival experience. It was held last August 8-9, 2014 in Mandaue City but I only attended on the 9th because the 8th was a Friday and a workday. It felt like I was in Japan for a night! The atmosphere was very much like the summer festivals we see in anime series. I never imagined that we will have a similar festival in our place. Glad I was able to join the event. It was really fun! Thanks to my college friends and otaku friends who spent the night with me. I only have my summer-like walolita costume to wear so I will definitely get a yukata for next year! ^_^

Here are some photos during the event:

Glad my walolita still fits xD
with my friends from college!
with my Otaku friends!

Bon-Odori Danceat Yagura

Jul 1, 2014

US Trip Farewell

Before my flight back to the Philippines, my co-workers in our Middlebury office offered lunch for me and did a little farewell party for me.

For the lunch, we went to Middlebury's Pies and Pints. My manager paid the bill. ;)

I worked close to these people in Middlebury. :)
The week after, the rest of my co-workers planned a little farewell party for me and they suggested a cosplay theme, that is, they want me to wear a costume. Luckily, I brought one of my costumes. ;)

Me in my Inori costume at my desk. :D
That's me and Kathey as Elsa. :D
These are the IT people in our Middlebury office. :)
I am very grateful to these people especially to my Manager who made this business trip possible. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I thank Kathey who organized the little farewell party for me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to cosplay. :)

I will definitely miss you all and I hope to see you all again soon. :)

Jun 28, 2014

Third Month in the US

I'm almost coming home! But in the mean time, let me share to you my June adventure in the US. 

So I went to New York the second time accompanied by my cousin who lives in Jersey City. I dropped by some places that I wasn't able to check on my first visit. So some of them are the following:

Grand Central Terminal with my cousin
Bryant Park
Maharlika with family
View of NYC from Jersey City. My cousin believes that this is the best view of NYC.
9/11 Memorial

The next weekend, me and my Filipino co-workers and friends went camping to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut. The camping they have in the US is kind of different on the camping we do in the Philippines. In the US, they bring their travel trailers and/or bring like their entire kitchen to the camping site to cook. In the Philippines, I've tried camping when I was a Girl Scout in elementary and high school and the cooking was manual like we cook with firewood and everyone sleeps in the tent. Well, we did sleep on the tent for the camping in Hammonasset, it's just that we brought an entire kitchen I think. :D Anyway, here are some of my pics there:

After setting up our tent :)
My first ever S'mores. :)

See that awesome travel trailer behind me.
Yep, there was a beach but the water was too cold to swim to so we ended up doing a little photoshoot with me in two-piece instead ;)

On the same month, I went back to New York and finally this time, I got to meet Lady Liberty. :)
Here are a few of my pics on my third visit in NYC:

Time Square at morning
9/11 Memorial
Battery Park
At the back of the Statue of Liberty
The beautiful Statue of Liberty

Believe it or not, the day after our NYC trip, we went to Massachusetts and visited the very famous Harvard University in Cambridge and after that, we headed straight to Boston. Here are some my photos on this quick visit:

One of Harvard University's beautiful structures
The monument of John Harvard
One of Harvard University's huge libraries
The Freedom Trail in Boston where you can see the hair-raising stories of the victims of Holocaust

Random guy near the Freedom Trail
Quincy Market
So there, I had a very productive weekend trips for June as well. July is coming up and I'm going back home already. I can't wait to tell my family and my friends about by US trip adventures. ;)

May 31, 2014

Second Month in the US

I can't believe I'm already two months in the US! Feels like I just arrived yesterday. xD Anyway, so I need to wrap up the spots I visited on my second month.

First one was I went bowling with my Filipino coworkers and friends at Thomaston Bowling Lanes. It's been a while since I had bowling. Pretty much just the same bowling play we have in the Philippines but their bowling centers allow parties and food around. :D

So here are a few of my bowling pics:

The second week of May, I went back to New Jersey to celebrate Mother's Day with my relatives and to visit my Aunt's grave who passed away four years ago. My Mom really wanted me to visit my Aunt's grave so that's why I visited back. Before we went to the cemetery, we visited Atlantic City again. When I was playing one of the slot machines, one of the securities asked for my ID thinking I was below 18 years old. I took it as a compliment though. :D

Here are some of my new pics in New Jersey:


House of Blues


Trump Taj Mahal

Visiting my Aunt's grave

The next weekend, I went to New Haven by train all by myself. It was risky but all worth it. I visited Yale University and the Knights of Columbus museum. :)

Yale University

Knights of Columbus museum

On the fourth weekend of May, we went to the famous Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut and enjoyed the childish rides there.

Having fun with the paddle boat. ;)

So that's it for my May adventure in the US. Stay tuned for my June escapade next!! ^_^