Oct 16, 2013

When Earthquake Strikes

Early morning of October 15, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the grounds of our province. I was half asleep when it happened. I was in bed when suddenly, my closet was shaking and the glass of my cabinet was vibrating loudly (it's like it's going to break). I was like, "Is this a dream? Maybe this will just end.", so I did not get up right away but it seems the quake didn't stop and that's when I tried to call my mom. I was shouting like a child and I heard no response from my mom. Fortunately, my sister who was already outside our house, heard my screams and went back to wake me up on my senses and instructed me to get outside of the house immediately. I felt like I was going to break down and cry because of the strong shaking, thinking that our house might collapse anytime now. The strong shaking ended but numerous aftershocks were felt. I felt like my head is spinning and it gave me a headache.

The first thing I checked when I went inside my room after the earthquake was my figure collection. This is how my collection looked liked after the quake:
My C.C. Chibi Arts stumbled to the side, my nendoroids were like doing a harlem shake, my Itachi figure is now leaning towards Shinobu, the Exia looks like it lost its pose and is trying to strike Asuka, Naruto is down with my Timex watch, Hanekawa's shiro cat jumped off from her head, (not seen in picture) Rob's drumset was scattered, and (not seen in picture) Saber's Excalibur was detached.
For now, I removed those figures without stands because they tend to wobble easily which causes my other figures to be unsteady. I placed Hanekawa's cats below her so they wouldn't drop and I did not return Saber's Excalibur yet.

Because it happened on a weekday, I thought that I still need to go to work. When I was on my way to the office, a heavy rain occurred. Great. I arrived in the company's gates, wet from rain, just to be informed that there will be no work. Argh. No one informed me! I received a message from my officemate but it was too late. I was like, "This is the unluckiest day ever!"

Aftershocks are still happening until now. My headache isn't getting any better. I feel like the ground isn't stopping from shaking. This is by far the worst earthquake I have ever experienced.

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