Oct 7, 2013

I want a Bokura ga Ita Season 2

I've posted last year about how I was a fan of Bokura ga Ita. The live-action movie did a lot of changes to somehow make the story a little different but I think the changes didn't actually made a big difference and the story was just similar to the whole plot of Bokura ga Ita and it ended the story just as how the manga was ended.

Takahashi Nanami and Yano Motoharu in Bokura ga Ita anime

Now, my utmost request is for a Bokura ga Ita anime second season because I want to have the anime to have an ending. If only studio ArtLand will pick this up again and do the second season, then I will be at peace. They can actually follow the manga since the live-action movie was short and  like I said, there were a lot of changes made to fit into the movie size and to have some unexpected scenes.

I want to see Takahashi and Yano again. I want to hear their surreal soundtracks again. I've been listening to their theme songs until now which were compiled in Bokura ga Ita Vocal Album: Eien CD. I've been dying to buy a physical album but it's already sold out when I discovered about the album and my only hope is to purchase a pre-owned one in Amazon Japan which cost a lot already. If only the Japanese band Mi will reunite and do some Bokura ga Ita songs again. I want to hear the piano of Ootsu Miki again. I want to hear Sasaki Nozomi sing some of the theme songs again. I want to listen to Katou Izumi's calm voice in her songs again. Ahh, I feel really nostalgic thinking about Bokura ga Ita.

I miss Bokura ga Ita. I want the anime to have a conclusion. I want a second season of Bokura ga Ita. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I will forever be haunted by the bittersweet feeling that the anime has left me. Some famous anime were reanimated and some were remastered but I only want a second season. Is it too much to ask for? As long as there is no second season, I will not be in peace. T^T

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