Oct 10, 2013

Gothic Lolita Photoshoot

Last Saturday, I went to a photoshoot. This was my first photoshoot experience where I was the only model. It was fun and exciting, considering that the theme is Gothic Lolita in a cemetery location. I love lolita fashion and yep, you read that right, the photoshoot took in a cemetery location. It's kind of scary to think but as long as I'm not alone, I won't be scared. My college friend Wena, who has a great talent in photography, has organized the photoshoot and invited my other college friend Daisy and also her two colleagues at work as photographers so there were a total of four photographers.

The costume I wore was my first ever costume when I started cosplaying. I wore it first five years ago in the first UP Otaku Fest. For the photoshoot, I decided to make some adjustments and enhancements on the costume. I had my seamstress fit the costume to me properly as it was initially loose, so that it would show more curves on my body. I also matched the costume with a pair of black gloves and wore a lolita hat instead of a maid headdress. For the accessories, I used a gold heart-shaped necklace (I used a silver one last time and because it was way back years ago already, I can't find it anymore), matching it with gold ring and earrings with black stones.

The photos turned out really good. I'm really glad I modeled for this photoshoot. Here are some of the photos, credits are watermarked/captioned accordingly:

photo by Aldomar
We had an eerie experience at this location of the photo because Wena's camera suddenly hanged up and so she decided to take a break at this point. >_<

 I really enjoyed the photoshoot. I was kind of guilty when I arrived late all because my fake eyelashes didn't stick right away. I will make sure to prepare more on the next photoshoot. Thank you very much to my wonderful photographer friends! ^_^

PS. To all the graves we bothered for the photoshoot, we are very sorry for the disturbance we have caused. >_<

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