Sep 10, 2013

My C.C. Cosplay for TORCH 4

I have already worn my C.C. lolita costume twice already, last Otaku Fest 2009 and HobCon 2010 and I always wanted to improve it so I decided to wear it again this year for TORCH. It's been a while since my last cosplay. I wasn't able to attend our local Comicon because I had an important wedding to attend and somehow, I felt bored, tired, and weak if I can't cosplay in a long time. It's a hobby of mine that really boost my self-esteem.

I am quite happy because I have a lot of very good shots,  taken by my awesome friends. Here are a few of them:


Here are the things that I improved in this cosplay:
- I bought the right wig (I bought it last year and finally, I was able to wear it. I cut the bangs myself because they were too long. The cut wasn't really that good but at least it isn't that bad either.)
- I wore a 15mm brown contact lens (C.C.'s eyes are hazel to yellow but it was kinda difficult to find that color so I chose a brown lens that is near to hazel in color)
- For the first time in my cosplay career, I wore fake eyelashes (I'm not sure why I didn't think of wearing them before but it really does add charm and emphasis to the eyes)
- Improved make-up (Yeah, I suck at make-up but I'm proud that I've improved. I did my make-up all by myself.)
- I brought a gun as props (C.C. was holding a gun when she wore this costume)
- I also bought cheese-kun, the yellow stuffed toy you see in the pic above (I just planned to collect him and display him in my bed but I decided to tag him along :3)

I'm very happy on the outcome of this cosplay. I see a lot of improvements in me and I want to continue improving. I thank God for this opportunity to cosplay and I thank my friends for supporting me. Usually, I dress up at home and have my sister drive me to the event location but this time, my sister wasn't able to accompany me because she went out of town. I did my make up at home and carried my costume, accessories, and props in a huge travelling bag (cheese-kun takes a lot of space, fyi). Luckily, I have a few amazing friends who helped and joined me in the event so no worries at all.

Until my next cosplay then. My new motto: "Keep improving!" :)

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