Sep 16, 2013

Beware of PLDT Postpaid SIM Offers

Ok, I am very frustrated right now, right this very moment. The reason is because of PLDT.

It started when some sales agent called our house. My mom answered first and because it was something related to PLDT, she passed the call to me and mentioned something about that PLDT is giving us something since we have been a very good subscriber, etc. So I took the call and the sales agent said that they will be sending us a PLDT SIM that we can use as a wireless landline and specified that it's for free. Yes, they said it was free. I ask and verified if it was really for free, that I wouldn't be paying anything and the agent said yes, it's totally free. So I accepted because it was free.

So the SIM arrived like two weeks ago. The package of the SIM was "PLDT Postpaid SIM" which means it was a postpaid SIM! I googled about it and there isn't much information about it but I read somewhere in my searches that I had to pay P250 every month for the service. Imagine my reaction when I realized that I had to pay for a monthly service. I immediately contacted the customer service representative (CSR) and asked about the SIM and google was correct, I had to pay P250 for the SIM's monthly service!! I then told the CSR that I want to cancel the subscription and the CSR said that the subscription is not yet active so I could just ignore the SIM and not use it. I don't even know if I can use that SIM. I thought it was all good. Because I was still in doubt about on whether the subscription was not really active, I called again after five days and the CSR said the subscription was activated a day before. Arghh! I was really mad! I already called and asked for cancellation and now, instead of cancellation, it was activated!! It gave me a lot of stress! The CSR suggested that I should go to a nearest PLDT branch and have it cancelled there. I went there a while ago and they asked for a request letter for cancellation and an ID. Come on, can't you even tell your CSR instead about the requirements so that I wouldn't be coming back to the PLDT office? Moreover, our PLDT account is not under my name but is under the name of my brother who lives far from our place. Arghh! I need to have my brother sign the damn request letter and have his ID!! This is insane! I am now the one suffering because of this misleading sales talk. If ever they will charge me with fees regarding this damn Postpaid SIM service, I will surely not pay and this might let me trigger to terminate our PLDT account.

Update: On my second visit in the branch, a very kind and understanding supervisor of PLDT helped me with my problem and she worked my cancellation of my PLDT Postpaid SIM. The next month, all was good! I didn't have to pay the lock-in fee and I was reimbursed with my previous payment. Many thanks to that supervisor!! :D

Sep 11, 2013

Archer and Saber Banpresto Figures

As you may not know (but it's not questionable since I'm an anime fan after all ;p), I'm quite a fan of Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. When I was in college, a friend of mine recommended Fate/Stay Night to me and I was really hooked into it. Just last 2011 and 2012, Fate/Zero was released as a prequel to Fate/Stay Night and again, I became obsessed with the series. My sister and I were pretty much attracted to Gilgamesh, the archer class servant in Fate/Zero. Now I understand why his character was mysterious in Fate/Stay Night. Fate/Zero answered my questions about Gilgamesh. You better watch the series if you want to know what I mean because it would be complicated and long to discuss it further here. Anyway, I just want to show my Archer (Gilgamesh) and Saber figures from Banpresto. I only intended to buy Gilgamesh but then there was a discount at the online store where I bought him so I tagged along Saber. Well, I'm an Archer X Saber shipper anyway so I think they will really look good on my collection. Here are some of the photos on the figures:

Saber and Archer

Archer aka Gilgamesh


I know they are not of high quality as other figures because I read somewhere that they were made as game prizes which are assumed to be not really that good but I still liked the details of the figures. I want to complete the rest of the servant figures but it seems it's kind of rare to find them. I saw some in Amazon Japan but I guess I'll wait until I have enough money. :)

Sep 10, 2013

My C.C. Cosplay for TORCH 4

I have already worn my C.C. lolita costume twice already, last Otaku Fest 2009 and HobCon 2010 and I always wanted to improve it so I decided to wear it again this year for TORCH. It's been a while since my last cosplay. I wasn't able to attend our local Comicon because I had an important wedding to attend and somehow, I felt bored, tired, and weak if I can't cosplay in a long time. It's a hobby of mine that really boost my self-esteem.

I am quite happy because I have a lot of very good shots,  taken by my awesome friends. Here are a few of them:


Here are the things that I improved in this cosplay:
- I bought the right wig (I bought it last year and finally, I was able to wear it. I cut the bangs myself because they were too long. The cut wasn't really that good but at least it isn't that bad either.)
- I wore a 15mm brown contact lens (C.C.'s eyes are hazel to yellow but it was kinda difficult to find that color so I chose a brown lens that is near to hazel in color)
- For the first time in my cosplay career, I wore fake eyelashes (I'm not sure why I didn't think of wearing them before but it really does add charm and emphasis to the eyes)
- Improved make-up (Yeah, I suck at make-up but I'm proud that I've improved. I did my make-up all by myself.)
- I brought a gun as props (C.C. was holding a gun when she wore this costume)
- I also bought cheese-kun, the yellow stuffed toy you see in the pic above (I just planned to collect him and display him in my bed but I decided to tag him along :3)

I'm very happy on the outcome of this cosplay. I see a lot of improvements in me and I want to continue improving. I thank God for this opportunity to cosplay and I thank my friends for supporting me. Usually, I dress up at home and have my sister drive me to the event location but this time, my sister wasn't able to accompany me because she went out of town. I did my make up at home and carried my costume, accessories, and props in a huge travelling bag (cheese-kun takes a lot of space, fyi). Luckily, I have a few amazing friends who helped and joined me in the event so no worries at all.

Until my next cosplay then. My new motto: "Keep improving!" :)