Aug 3, 2013

Not Your Ordinay Magical Girl Anime

I'm a fan of some magical girl anime series especially Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon actually had me started liking Japanese animations in particular. I even thought of being an animator or character designer and design my own similar heroines. I had some rough sketches before. After watching different genres of anime for more than 15 years I think, I decided to watch something similar to the the usual magical girl theme anime and I chose Puella Magi Madoka Magica, or so I thought.

While watching the first episode, I noticed that the animation was unique well, most likely because SHAFT did the animation, and that there wasn't any humors or jokes from the characters. The whole story was very serious, dramatic, and tragic. I didn't expect it to be like that. I was unaware of the "tragedy" genre tagged with the series. At some point of the story, I even cried. It was the part where Sayaka (one of Madoka's close friend) wished that Kamijou's hand will be healed so he can play the violin again and in exchange, she became a magical girl with an empty soul. What struck me the most and made me break down is when Sayaka's friend (I can't remember her name because she was too annoying for me), confessed to Kamijou after he was healed and went back to school and it looks like they ended up together. It was pretty obvious that Sayaka was in love with Kamijou and I can feel the pain Sayaka felt when that happened. Sayaka even saved that annoying friend of hers from dying and yet this was like she had in return? Sacrificing her life for her crush and saving the life of her friend and yet this was what she had to get? Sayaka was with Kamijou when he was in his worst state. I mean, it was very unfair! It was too much that I cried. I cried because my heart felt heavy.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not your typical shoujo, magical girl, fantasy anime. It uses psychological and dramatic concepts to bring out a serious story line that outshines all other magical girl anime. It uses abstracts and symbols to give life to emotions. Simply, it was really good on its own way.

The soundtracks are amazing as well. It's not questionable at all because the composer is none other than the genius, Yuki Kajiura. The ending song which was performed by Kalafina is very ppowerful and emphasizes the overall theme of the anime.

In conclusion, I liked Puella Magi Madoka Magica because it was refreshing and it gave a lot of lessons about life, that you should be careful what you wish before and learn to be contented and happy. I highly recommend this anime to anyone :3

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