Aug 16, 2013

My Linkin Park Experience!

I have been a fan of Linkin Park since first year high school. I got interested on their songs when my classmate was playing their songs via a cassette tape. Because I became so attached to their songs in Hybrid Theory album, I had my classmate write the lyrics for me and had them memorized. Yes, I memorized all of their Hybrid Theory songs! Because I was still in high school back then, I can only buy a pirated Hybrid Theory CD (sorry LP for doing this but I bought an original one when I had the money so don’t worry ;p) and had it played almost every weekend, when I was at home, so that really helped me memorized their songs. The song that I was really hooked up to was “In The End”. It is by far my most favourite LP song.  “In The End” was always number one in music channels when its music video came out.  I believe it became their most recognized song. Then came their other albums such as Reanimation, Meteora, Minutes to Midgnight, A Thousand Suns, and Living Things. Meteora was very similar to Hybrid Theory. Minutes to Midgnight and A Thousand Suns were a change from their composing style from hardcore rap and rock metal, to mellow rock and more electronic sounds, which I still consider really good and awesome. Living Things is their current album which I think it features the combination of their past albums. I bought their original albums when I started working, which is like, 10 years after I became their fan. :D

My collection of LP albums

If you also notice on my previous posts, as soon as I discovered about Linkin Park’s nendoroid set, I bought it immediately online and it became my first nendoroid on my collection.

My Linkin Park nendoroid set

Their first concert here in our country, the Philippines, was last 2004, and I’m still like in my senior year in high school, so I couldn’t afford to be in their concert, plus, it will be held in the capital city, in Manila, which will need me to take a plane just to be there.
After nine years (this year 2013), it was announced that they will be coming back for a concert in our country and I was like, “I SHOULD NOT MISS THIS!!!” Together with my sister who is also a fan of LP, we decided to go for the Standing VIP tickets (more like the mosh pit tickets) because it’s the closest to the stage and we want to see them up close. We bought our tickets on the first day of selling because we were scared that the tickets will get sold out.  I was also ecstatic when it was announce that Urbandub will do the front act, I mean, they are from the queen city of the south, my hometown, and I’m really proud of them. 

The day came, August 13, 2013, and we arrived around 6am in Manila. We lined up early to get a good mosh pit position and to see LP closer and so we did. Urbandub did the opening and they were really great! I made a banner that says “URBANDUD Proud Cebuano”, and I can see that all of them saw it and smiled at me! I was really happy that I was able to express my support to them. Then after them was Linkin Park! I cannot contain my feelings. Finally, after my 12 years and still counting LP fascination, I was able to see them performing live. I screamed and sang along with all their songs! I can’t believe I know all the songs they were playing! Probably my most favourite performance was when they did a medley for “Leave Out All The Rest”, “Shadow of the Day”, and “Iridescent”.  It was freakin’ awesome! Mike Shinoda started with the piano, then with Chester's vocals, then Rob on the drums, then the guitars of Brad, until the disk scratching of Mr. Hahn and Phoenix' bass along with Chester in guitars as well. The audience did a little fan project by raising and lighting up their phones on this performance though I only saw it on pictures and fancams as I was really busy concentrating on their performance. It was pretty cool! If you ask who my favourite member of them is, it is none other than the genius Mike Shinoda. I love him ever since I became their fan and to see him up close in person, is a dream come true. I can’t believe they still look the same as when they started, well maybe a little different, especially Mr. Hahn gaining a little weight, but the rest of them still look young, fresh, and healthy. Looking at them, I’m still amazed as how they were able to maintain their line up for many years already. Mike Shinoda was really handsome, I can’t stop staring at him! xD My sister was able to touch Chester when Chester got close to our section. I just almost did. xD Also, Mike went to the crowd when they sang “In The End”, ahh such lucky fans who were able to touch Mike and see him closer. I also made a banner with “CEBU Linkin Park” written and Mike smiled when he saw it. xD Chester also said we were the best crowd on their current tour so far, well most likely because we sing along with their songs and we know their songs by heart. This is what I really love about Filipino crowd. :D

I will be posting my pics and videos pretty soon so check out this post for updates. It’s almost all blurry and shaky because it was a rock concert and I was on the mosh pit. xD

I lost my voice after the concert but thankfully it came back the next day. We only slept for two hours after the concert as we need to catch our flight the next day and head back to work at 7:30am. I was very tired and my body aches but I still need to work. After my shift, I went home and immediately fell asleep. I want to write this asap while my memory of the concert is still fresh. xD

So many sacrifices I did just for this concert. The money I bought for the ticket was supposedly for my Super Junior concert but I contemplated and realized that since I have seen Super Junior twice already, it would be wise to use the money for Linkin Park concert instead and I didn’t regret at all. I had a stomach gas attack on the concert day but I was able endure it and forgot about it when the concert started. This is probably the best concert experience I had! Thank you Linkin Park for coming back to Philippines! Thank you to all the people who made the concert possible. Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to see them! I do hope I can do a meet and greet with them next time but for now, seeing them performing live, is more than enough for me. Until then, I will wait for their next concert here and I will watch again if I will still be given the chance. If I have more money, I will register to LPU, I’ve been meaning to be part of that official fan club. Linkin Park, you will always be my most favourite rock band. I love you! Mahal ko kayo! Gihigugma ko kamo! ^___^ \m/

Here are my fancams:

And here are some pics:

Aug 3, 2013

Not Your Ordinay Magical Girl Anime

I'm a fan of some magical girl anime series especially Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon actually had me started liking Japanese animations in particular. I even thought of being an animator or character designer and design my own similar heroines. I had some rough sketches before. After watching different genres of anime for more than 15 years I think, I decided to watch something similar to the the usual magical girl theme anime and I chose Puella Magi Madoka Magica, or so I thought.

While watching the first episode, I noticed that the animation was unique well, most likely because SHAFT did the animation, and that there wasn't any humors or jokes from the characters. The whole story was very serious, dramatic, and tragic. I didn't expect it to be like that. I was unaware of the "tragedy" genre tagged with the series. At some point of the story, I even cried. It was the part where Sayaka (one of Madoka's close friend) wished that Kamijou's hand will be healed so he can play the violin again and in exchange, she became a magical girl with an empty soul. What struck me the most and made me break down is when Sayaka's friend (I can't remember her name because she was too annoying for me), confessed to Kamijou after he was healed and went back to school and it looks like they ended up together. It was pretty obvious that Sayaka was in love with Kamijou and I can feel the pain Sayaka felt when that happened. Sayaka even saved that annoying friend of hers from dying and yet this was like she had in return? Sacrificing her life for her crush and saving the life of her friend and yet this was what she had to get? Sayaka was with Kamijou when he was in his worst state. I mean, it was very unfair! It was too much that I cried. I cried because my heart felt heavy.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not your typical shoujo, magical girl, fantasy anime. It uses psychological and dramatic concepts to bring out a serious story line that outshines all other magical girl anime. It uses abstracts and symbols to give life to emotions. Simply, it was really good on its own way.

The soundtracks are amazing as well. It's not questionable at all because the composer is none other than the genius, Yuki Kajiura. The ending song which was performed by Kalafina is very ppowerful and emphasizes the overall theme of the anime.

In conclusion, I liked Puella Magi Madoka Magica because it was refreshing and it gave a lot of lessons about life, that you should be careful what you wish before and learn to be contented and happy. I highly recommend this anime to anyone :3