Jul 24, 2013

Gundam Seed and My Love for AsuCaga

I recently finished rewatching the entire 50 episodes of Gundam Seed and I was again reminded on how good the story of Gundam Seed was. Then I watched the four special edition films of Gundam Seed Destiny. I couldn’t bear to watch again the entire Destiny series simply because I felt like the story could have been done better (well maybe I’ll watch the remastered if I have the time^^).  And all of a sudden, my Gundam Seed fascination is back.

It was maybe around eight years ago that I watched Gundam Seed on TV. My sister and I were really hooked with the series. And guess who my most favorite character was; it’s none other than the ace pilot of ZAFT, Athrun Zala. He belongs to my fave anime boys list mainly because he has the qualities of my ideal guy. His love interest at first was Lacus Clyne and I really thought they were really meant to be but then came Athrun’s real love interest, the princess of ORB, Cagalli Yula Atha. Well, I wasn’t that much bothered on the change of the partners but when Athrun and Cagalli started to have romantic feelings for each other, I wanted them to be together forever. Their relationship was  left behind in Gundam Seed Destiny, I’m not sure why they did that. Nevertheless, the extra ending shown in the Special Edition films proved that Athrun chose to be in ORB which I’m very positive that it means he stayed with Cagalli. Isn’t that hard to understand the meaning of that ending? I’m sorry to say this but screw you all who are shipping Athrun and Meyrin! I’ve been dying to say that..haha :D Meyrin doesn’t stand a chance I tell you, that is, if no one messes up the story. Yeah, well the point is, I’m a huge Athrun fan and an AsuCaga fan.

If you’re wondering why I started my Gundam Seed replay marathon, well it’s because I bought this 1/8 scale figure of Athrun from amiami at a very low price (I felt very lucky to buy it really cheap!) and when I received the figure, I felt nostalgic and I suddenly missed Athrun.

1/8 RAH.DX Athrun Zala

I’m planning to collect the master grades of Athrun and Kira’s mobile suits namely, Infinite Justice and Strike Freedom, respectively. When I was searching for online stores and prices, it turns out that Gundam Seed gunplas are more expensive than the Gundam Wing gunplas. This needs a lot of saving. ;A;

Anyway, yeah, I miss Gundam Seed, I miss Athrun and Cagalli. I’m really hoping and wishing that the Gundam Seed movie which was announced a long time ago will be back in production and this time, they will provide a proper ending for Athrun and Cagalli.