Jun 24, 2013

My Gundam Feels are Back

I’ve been a fan of Gundam because of Gundam Wing. That was 15 years ago. My sister and I were very much addicted with the anime series. At our mere young age, we were able to appreciate the unique mecha story line of Gundam Wing. My favourite mobile suit was the Gundam Zero Wing mainly because of its astounding designs with the wings (the wings were redesigned in Endless Waltz which I just noticed when I watch the anime again recently and they were superb) and the superiority of it among the other Gundams because of the installed Zero system on it. My favourite Gundam pilot was Quatre Raberba Winner, most probably because I’m attracted to guys that are intelligent, those that can play instruments (from the anime, Quatre played the violin and piano but I think he can play more instruments), calm, and has the good-boy personality. My favourite couple was Heero and Relena (obviously) because they are just perfect for each other and are similar in many ways.
We have watched the old Gundam series, from Char’s Attack, War in the Pocket, etc. I can’t remember the titles of the other old Gundam series and the stories perhaps because I watched Gundam Wing first and it became my benchmark for a very good Gundam series.
When Gundam Seed was aired on TV, which was like eight years ago, my sister and I were hooked up with another Gundam series. But in my opinion, it did not surpass Gundam Wing but I still liked it.

When Gundam 00 was out, I wasn’t able to watch the series or I think I watched a couple of episodes but it did not make a big impression on me though I have downloaded the first season. My sister watched it and I think she liked it too. Hopefully, I can watch the entire series one of these days so that at least I can appreciate its positive aspects. I am not very much updated with the latest Gundam series but I think the latest one as of today is Gundam AGE (correct me if am wrong) and I read some positive feedback. I’ll have it added on my watch-later list.

Recently, I started watching again Gundam Wing, just to let me recall the story and to see if my perspective will change after 15 years. Still, it was by far the best Gundam series for me.  The plot, the charactes, the drama, the soundtracks and even the Gundam designs were no match to the other Gundam series. It’s the only series where I can determine which Gundam is which because the designs were unique and easy to identify. The animation may not be at par with the latest Gundam series apparently because it’s an old school anime (from 1995 to be exact) but still, it was well animated given it was almost 20 years ago. It was absolutely a masterpiece. I feel very lucky to have Gundam Wing as part of my childhood.

Because my Gundam Wing memories were refreshed, I am now very tempted to collect all the Master Grade (MG) kits of all Gundam Wing mobile suits, especially the Wing Zero and the other five leading Gundams. I know they are costly but I will do my best to buy them. I will probably start with Wing Zero because it’s my favourite. Now my problem is that I have no experience in assembling a Gunpla (this is the term used for those Gundam model kits). My sister bought a Wing Gundam (Heero’s first Gundam and was referred as Gundam 01 in the anime series) a couple of years ago and she had it assembled for free. 

Here a couple of photos of my sister's gunplas:
MG Wing Gundam

EG Gundam Exia

Unfortunately, my sister said she recently went back to the store and there was no Wing Zero there. So I went to another hobby store and there I found a Wing Zero at almost 3000PHP (around 68 USD) however, when I asked if they assemble Gundams, they said yes but it would be price of the kit times two. I was very disappointed. You can just imagine my shocked face. I told them that assembly is free on another store; it’s just that the kit I was looking for wasn’t there. But it was useless to argue so I decided I will buy online since it’s like 50% cheaper and I’ll just assemble the kit myself. Hopefully, I can successfully assemble the kit. It would be very challenging. I’ve been trying to communicate with some members of a Gunpla community near our place. They were very friendly. :)

My sister is in Japan right now and I’m sure she’s buying some Gundam items there. Well, we grew up with Gundam Wing and it must have a very special place in our hearts.

Until my next Gundam post! I’ll probably show you some WIP on my future Gunpla assemblies. XD