Mar 23, 2013

Observations on Supercell's Compositions

Songs from the Japanese band supercell are composed solely by ryo-sama. I call him ryo-sama because of how I look up at him as a very genius individual when it comes to music.

Supercell has already made a lot of OSTs for various anime series and currently in demand. I knew about supercell when I watched the anime Bakemonogatari. The first time I heard the song Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, I immediately fell in love with it.

Recently, supercell announced their upcoming song for the anime Katanagari. When I listened to it's preview, I finally realized and confirmed something. Though I already knew from Wiki that when ryo-sama receives an offer to compose theme music, he writes lyrics that tie in with the theme and mood of the given work however, I also found out that ryo-sama not only adds lyrics that are related to the anime but also makes his arrangements sound perfect and fit for the theme of the anime it was written to.

Love&Roll sounds techno because Cencoroll was a science fiction anime.
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari sounds very much the mood of Bakemongatari.
Some of his songs in Guilty Crown sounds techno (most notably from EGOIST) because the anime is in futuristic theme and also the rest of the songs tell the story of Inori and Shu.
Light My Fire, just the title itself, makes it a perfect match for Shakugan no Shana because Shana is a flame haze and the song is more or less tells Shana's fight in the final season.
The Bravery has some Arabic style guitars because it is for Magi. Now I find this arrangement really amazing.
And then the one for Katanagari, Hakushukassai Utaawase, sounds like it has some old Japanese music arrangements because the anime is set in old Japan.

I wonder how ryo-sama manages to do this. He is such a genius. I want to meet him someday and tell him how great he is as a composer.

I want more ryo-sama compositions! I'm a supercell/EGOIST/ryo-sama fan after all. ^^