Feb 23, 2013

Frustrations of Online Shopping: Shipping Process Messed Up

I do a lot of online shopping and recently, one of my online shopping transactions didn't turn out well. This is an experience on online shopping where the shipping process was messed up.

As I have mentioned on my last post, I cosplayed as Miku Hatsune but I didn't have the headset because it came very late. I tried to investigate what really happened and discovered the failure that caused it.

I ordered a Miku headset and a plushie. They were ordered by the online shop around first week of January and the Miku headset was delivered to them around the end of January. They have informed me that plushie have not yet delivered to them and may take more days to arrive. So because the event I was attending was on February 16, I waited until the first week of February for the plushie so that they will be shipped together with the Miku headset to avoid any additional pay. At the end of the first week of February, around Thursday, February 7, I decided to have my Miku headset delivered to me first and paid additional shipping fee by Friday. They said they will schedule to deliver the item to me on Tuesday the next week. Usually, it takes 2-3 days before I receive the item based on my past orders from them. Also, the shipping courier have also noted on their shipping info that the shipping process takes 2-3 days. Counting the days, if my item will be shipped on a Tuesday, I should receive the item by Thursday the latest. I was very confident that I will receive it around that day because I was told it was shipped on Tuesday and the shop even gave me a tracking number by Wednesday but it didn't arrive until Friday. Friday afternoon, I contacted the shipping company and ask about my item. They said it will be delivered the next day which is Saturday. I was confused as to why it would take until Saturday while the item was already shipped around Tuesday. That's 5 days already, 2 days late. So I panicked. I needed a mitigation plan. I checked my other costumes if somehow I can do a last minute change on my cosplay plan. I checked my sister's costumes if there is anything I can wear, tried one of her costumes but it won't fit me. I even asked my other sister to buy me a toy gun for the other character I was trying to replace for my cosplay plan. I was frustrated. I almost cried. I even took a leave that night (I'm a nighshifter) so that I can prepare for my Miku costume but the urge to prepare was lost. I slept with a heavy heart and woke up on the Saturday morning, the day of the event,  and realized that I have been preparing for the Miku cosplay for the past month and it will be a waste to just scrap the plan because of the headset. I checked with the shipping company again and they told me it should arrived within the day. I was hoping it would arrived in the morning but it didn't. Together with my mom and my sister, my dad drove us to the venue at around 1pm. We passed by one of the shipping company's delivery truck and we signaled to let them stop, hoping my package was there but it wasn't. So I went to the event as Miku Hatsune with no headset. We went home around 7pm and there, the package was lying in my piano. I was sad, disappointed, frustrated, and stressed.

I contacted the shipping company again and asked them why my package came late. They told me it wasn't late and it was on schedule. I said it wasn't, that my shipper (online shop) told me that the item was shipped last Tuesday so it should have arrived by Thursday the latest. The shipping company's customer support was pretty much confused at first but with her patience, she was able to give me the information I needed. She said the shipper scheduled my item to be picked up on February14 so that is the start of the first day. Counting the dates, 14, 15, 16, the item will arrived on Saturday, February 16 which was on schedule. I confirmed this info to the online shop and they admitted the mistake. They missed to schedule my item to be picked up by Tuesday and scheduled it on a Thursday instead which delayed my item. They apologized but I felt it was not enough and was not sincere at all. I felt that they didn't give much importance on my item's delivery where in fact, they should have because they knew I was going to use it on the Saturday. The online shop refunded the extra shipping that I paid to compensate for the mistake which I accepted but still, this didn't pay enough the frustrations, stress, and the sadness I felt. My trust to the online shop was ruined.

It was really disappointing. The online shop is lucky though that I didn't intend to return the headset. I usually cosplay characters only once so when will I use the headset, that I do not know. I'm not sure if they were referring to me but they posted on their page, saying about reaching their boiling point and that they can't please everybody. Yes, I believe on the saying that you can't please everybody but reaching a boiling point? What's that suppose to mean? They were angry at me? Why? I am the customer and the victim here. They should be thankful that I'm not ranting on my page and I'm not even mentioning the online shop's name on this post. And oh, did I also mention that the quality of the headset sucks? Yes, it sucks. I know the online shop didn't make that prop but it was not worth it's price at all.

So there, I solved my case but I still feel sad and stressed about it. Not to mention that I also do get sick every time my stress level is at it's highest so I took a leave from work to subside the stress.

To the online shop, please do your job well next time. Please don't mess up with me because I can get very rude. I hope this will not happen to me again and to anyone else.

Feb 21, 2013

Miku for Otaku Fest: A History of Magic

It's already the sixth season of our very own Otaku Fest. Even though I am not organizing the event anymore, I will continue my support with the event. It's the only cosplay event I wouldn't want to miss. For this year, I went as Miku Hatsune on her default Vocaloid costume. People might not have noticed it but I didn't have any headphones. It came so late on the day of the event that I wasn't able to wait for it anymore and decided to proceed with my cosplay plan without the headphones. To my surprise, my cosplay still looks good without the headphones. :)

My friend Wena took a lot of great shots of me. Here are some of them!! ^_^

Me and my purple walolita sister. ♥

The event is still the most attended cosplay event in Cebu which makes me very proud. There were a lot of new faces of cosplayers. Some cosplayers that I've known for the past five years were also there. Thank you very much for attending the event! Thank you for the love and support!

From Miku Hatsune with love. ♥