Jan 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

Happy new year everyone!

So, I just wanted to post something first for 2013 and I decided to give a break down of my goals and plans this year..kekeke

  1. To stay healthy
    • Last year, I was very sickly. I experienced different illnesses which needed me to take a lot of break from work. This year, I am hoping and wishing to keep myself healthy, after all, health is wealth.
  2. To move on with my career
    • This is something really private and needs time for some brainstorming. :p
  3. To improve my piano skills
    • If I hadn't mentioned, yes, I took piano lessons last year. It was because I wanted to understand the piano which I usually hear in the songs I listen to. But I feel like my progress is very slow mainly because I am a busy person and can't find enough time to play. This year, I'd like to spend more time with piano and learn as much as I can. 
  4. To draw again
    • If you didn't know, I had this skill of creating drawings since elementary but this skill of mine was not able to develop because I was focusing on other things in high school and especially when I started college. So this year, I want to use the skill again and improve it.
  5. To earn more money
    • Because I have big plans of traveling again this year and maybe watch another Super Junior concert, this means I need a lot of money to save. To do this, I need to refrain on buying unnecessary things ( I'm always tempted to buy wigs and CDs online T^T).

There you go. I hope I can always be reminded with my goals. I just need to stay focus and motivate myself. 

Have a blessed new year everyone! God bless us all! Happy 2013! (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

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