Jan 25, 2013

My Linkin Park Nendoroid Set

So finally, after two months of waiting, my Linkin Park nendoroid arrived safe to me. When my Dad paid for taxes, he dropped by the post office and luckily, since I already told him that I am expecting a package from Japan, he inquired about it and tada, it was there!

Here are the "not-so-good" pics (I will buy a DSLR soon so stay tuned for some HD pics on these on a separate post :3). Took me around two hours to assemble them. Bless the details of this figure set!!

Jan 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

Happy new year everyone!

So, I just wanted to post something first for 2013 and I decided to give a break down of my goals and plans this year..kekeke

  1. To stay healthy
    • Last year, I was very sickly. I experienced different illnesses which needed me to take a lot of break from work. This year, I am hoping and wishing to keep myself healthy, after all, health is wealth.
  2. To move on with my career
    • This is something really private and needs time for some brainstorming. :p
  3. To improve my piano skills
    • If I hadn't mentioned, yes, I took piano lessons last year. It was because I wanted to understand the piano which I usually hear in the songs I listen to. But I feel like my progress is very slow mainly because I am a busy person and can't find enough time to play. This year, I'd like to spend more time with piano and learn as much as I can. 
  4. To draw again
    • If you didn't know, I had this skill of creating drawings since elementary but this skill of mine was not able to develop because I was focusing on other things in high school and especially when I started college. So this year, I want to use the skill again and improve it.
  5. To earn more money
    • Because I have big plans of traveling again this year and maybe watch another Super Junior concert, this means I need a lot of money to save. To do this, I need to refrain on buying unnecessary things ( I'm always tempted to buy wigs and CDs online T^T).

There you go. I hope I can always be reminded with my goals. I just need to stay focus and motivate myself. 

Have a blessed new year everyone! God bless us all! Happy 2013! (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥