Nov 26, 2012

Figure Collecting Hobby

So because I'm an otaku, an anime enthusiast, a cosplayer, and a manga reader, it would be given that I also do anime merchandise collecting.

I started collecting anime figures since I was in grade school but due to money constraints, I can only have them as gifts from friends and relatives so I only have a very few number of them.

The very first anime figures I received from a friend was when I was in my fifth grade. My friend gave me two character figurines from Monster Rancher, namely Mochi and Suezo. They were made of porcelain so they are heavy and breakable. Those were how the figures on our grade years were made. I bet these are very rare now. :)

Here are some pics of my Mochi and Suezo figures:


And some of the figures I collected when I started college and when I joined the workforce:
my assorted figure collection

Bakemonogatari cast

Recently, I've been attracted with nendoroids. They are really cute! I'm expecting to receive my first ever nendoroid. Guess who are these nendoroids coming on my home? It's none other than my most fave rock bank of all time, Linkin Park! :D

Here are some pics from Good Smile Company website:

Aren't they cute? I can't wait to see them in person! :D

I know this hobby is very expensive (like my cosplay hobby >.<) though but hey, it really makes me happy! And please don't tell me this is because I can't get over my childhood. I've been a fan of anime for almost my lifetime! I don't have much money so I will just buy them slowly and depending on my budget.

Me and my sister (she's a Gundam collector, those are her Gundams behind the Bakemonogatari cast figures pic above ^^) are planning to create a figure room soon in our house. I know we can make it if we just work hard and focus on our goals. My sister's going to Japan next year so I'm expecting a LOT of figures coming really really soon. ;p