Oct 11, 2012

Miku in Arnis for Sportsfest

Due to unexpected circumstances, I, Chrisma, was chosen to become the representative of Ms. Sportsfest for our team, the Blue Jabbers. I had been in denial and I was trying to convince our team captain to replace me but he's one person that is too difficult to persuade. But then, if such task is given to me, I would always think and talk to myself, and ask "Why not?". So in the end, I accepted the challenge.

Our team captain initially decided that together with my partner, we will do tennis as our sport. I was thinking tennis is a bit common you know and most likely, another team will do tennis as well. So I run over my thoughts on the sports that I know and arnis came to my mind. I've been practicing arnis since high school and I even enrolled arnis as one of my PE class in college so no doubt I can use it as our sport. So I told our team captain and my partner about my plans. I also decided that we will wear ninja inspired costumes. Since I am representing the blue team, I was thinking that I should wear a blue wig. The character that came to my mind was Miku Hatsune though her hair is not totally blue but she can wear any type of costumes. For those who don't recognize Miku, she is a Vocaloid singer, a software singer in general, who is very famous in Japan and the rest of the otaku world. As a cosplayer, I wanted a MikuXKaito ninja theme with my partner but it looks like my partner isn't ready for wigs so I was in Miku wig alone. I also choreographed our skit in arnis. It was easy since my partner had an experience with arnis as well.

So, without hesitation, here's a pic of our costumes and props (both pairs of arnis sticks are mine):

My partner as random ninja and me as Miku (in my original arnis concept costume).

And here's a video of our skit (I never thought I will be using arnis for this occasion ;p):

Though I did not win, I was super happy that my ninja partner won as Mr. Sportfest. It was unexpected! He wasn't even present in the production rehearsals. 

I was glad that I was able to cosplay again despite my busy working sked. Cosplay has been my hobby for four years now and it never fails to bring me joy. 

So there, I was really happy that day. I crave on doing cosplays more! :)